Create Grape Pool on Pool Party

1. Proposal Purpose:

Create a no loss lottery pool for Grape holders on Pool Party

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

We currently have passive Grape token holders who are not actively participating in governance. Existing holders and potentially new Grape holders could participate in fun weekly raffles simply by depositing Grape in a zero loss lottery pool.

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 8.44.35 AM

3. Stakeholders

All Grape token holders

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

We could use the Grape native token, for passive participation in lotteries which are zero loss for existing holders. We can time the raffle end time to match with our weekly DAO call, to get max exposure to the raffle itself. The rewards which are added in the pool can be directly voted on each DAO call for the next week, could be any spl-token i.e USDC, SOL or a NFT so this is fun and we can connect it with our existing governance.


This looks like fun! 100% support this fun thing

Some updates on this proposal we have been exploring what model would work best for the Grape DAO, and after further discussion in the previous DAO calls it seems like using proof of attendance tokens or nft’s which can be used on the weekly raffles on Pool Party aligns perfectly with our governance participation rewards strategy.
While talking with the Pool Party team, we also started asking questions regarding the upcoming mint. CoffeeAttack proposed it might be a good idea to participate in the actual mint as a DAO, with an entry of 100 NFT’s which could be used to reward active DAO participation. The public mint for Pool Party will be mid May on Night Market. As this is not a whitelist for our community but a DAO controlled pre-mint allocation, we would be minting 100 Pool Party NFT’s at 200 SOL total. The goal here is to further align the two communities by giving value directly to our contributors and supporting new initatives in governance on Solana.

Is there a deadline on this offer/idea? I’m not fully convinced that we need it now but if we’re reasonably sure that the NFTs don’t go to zero, I’d support it because we could use em in the future. I’d like to see more specific plans on how wo utilize the NFTs, though. Good topic for Sunday.

All NFT mints have risks on the speculation side.

  • They have promised that if mint is not successful pre and public, there will be a 100% refund
  • Please take a look at the NFT governance for more details NFT Governance - Pool Party

As Grape does want to more actively participate in more NFT communities, this is one first initiative.

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