[PROPOSAL] GRAPE Rewards Incentives Pools v2 (GRIPv2)

1. Proposal Purpose:


i. Form adequately defined GRAPE Rewards Incentives Pools. NOTE: This proposal is/was a result of GRAPE DAO contributions to evolve & grow.

ii. Establish DAO defined $GRAPE Pools that simplify discussions of incentivizing and reward Grape members with GRAPE easier to navigate.


  • Set clear expectations and transparency about what amounts of GRAPE and decisioning to support Grape Strategic Initiatives
  • This is NOT a new concept: Originally formally discussed from March 2022. Since then many discussions and proposals have arisen, including successful proposals to reward DAO Governance Participants.


Please see the supporting documentation, proposal & voting details below and this Google Sheet


2. Grape Proposal Overview:


  1. Rewards Pools are a GENERAL allocation schema to define the Maximum Amounts of GRAPE allocatable by the Treasury for each Initiative, or to each individual.
  2. Pools can be divided into portions to reward specific actions, EXAMPLE Governance Participation (A) Proposals (10%) + (B) Voting (80%) + (C) Calls (10%), as Proposals create the ability to Vote, but success and health of Proposals depend heavily on Voting activity and DAO Call Discussions - so Voting is KEY.
  3. Eligibility for rewards can be defined per Pool, but should follow some general guidelines i.e. Activity & Stake weights over time are a potential added criterion for receiving rewards.
  4. Pool “rules” and amounts can be changed by a valid successful Community DAO Vote.
  5. Incentives are initiatives that GRAPE DAO Defines as Activity, Building, Community, Design, Education, or Value (ABCDEV)

B. Overview

  • Establish Grape Ecosystem Dedicated Allocation Pools
  • Rewards imply contributions & participation in GRAPE DAO confirmed initiatives.
  • Rewards models must incentivize to promote healthy participation, not be prohibitive or predatory.
  • Various DAOs have implemented various models, many of which have failed. This is a foundational step to avoid distractions and improve focus.

C. Eligibility Criteria:

  • i. Participation will typically reviewed in different time frames, but allocations are “monthly”
  • ii. Each Eligible member must commit and stake their $GRAPE amount balance for the entire duration of each Epoch to receive rewards. I.e. Increases in Governance Stake after Epoch start would not be included in calculations for individual rewards during the given epoch.
  • iii. Eligible Grape Members will receive rewards within the following Epoch, after the prior Epoch ends.
  • iv. More Details Defined inline

D. Multi-sig Approval/Management, Review, Distribution, & Execution:

  • i. Rewards confirmations will be published with insights regarding the criteria, successful proposals, and candidates, including the amounts expected for reward, total reward pool allocated, and potential candidates that failed due to failing criteria.
  • ii. A group of DAO members entrusted with allocating and distributing the Grape will use a Realms or an alternate multi-sig. AVOID single member receiving rewards to distribute.
  • iii. Distribution of rewards will be discussed and confirmed via DAO coordination

3. Stakeholders

GRAPE Holders + DAO Approved & Verified Eligible Recipients

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

Grape Rewards Incentives Pool Rubric:

  • Rewards pool for each Initiative & Epoch period is voted by DAO and can not exceed the % amounts defined per this Vote (Unless otherwise altered by future successful DAO Vote). This rule applies to ALL DAO Rewards Incentives Pools.
  • Potential Key Metrics to Defining Reward Pool Sizes
    – Total Circulating Supply of $GRAPE v.s. Strategic Value of Rewards
    – Total $GRAPE Staked in GRAPE DAO Realms
    – Total $GRAPE Voting in GRAPE DAO Realms
    – Work, Value, Contribution & Merit Defined, Measured & Quality Assured
Title: GRAPE Incentives Pools v2 (GRIP 2)
Authors: @Arximedis
Contributors/Feedback: *Grape DAO Members -* Billy, CryptoPawz, RiderInRed, Dynite, CoffeeAttack, Kirk,)
Created: 2022-10-14
Updated: 2023-06-11
Stage: Proposal
Discussions-To: https://dao.grapenetwork.org/t/proposal-grape-rewards-incentives-pools-v2-gripv2/1259
Category: "Governance", "Governance Logic",  "Incentive Parameters", "Governance Rewards", "Governance Reputation"
Implementations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Sn6oU8W8qIrTN9ZO1jqUM0fkCVbpxQwmjFHfWTBL_OA/edit
Audits: TBD


References (Just a Few Inspirations):

@Arximedis Thank you for dedicating your valuable time to the development of the Grape Rewards Incentives Pools although the numbers included are arbitrary we have already made progress addressing items 1A, 1B and 1C. Since the initial presentation of the proposal, we have reviewed its contents in multiple DAO meetings. During these sessions, you expanded upon the rationale behind the pools and detailed how they would simplify the emission process. There are several unknowns that we must address initially.

Considering the current tokenomics, which have not been updated, our emission schedule would be projected to reach up to 8M GRAPE monthly until September 15, 2031. @CoffeeAttack has computed these calculations on numerous occasions during recent DAO meetings. Based on the present emission rate, it would approximately take 42 years to fully emit GRAPE.

The performance pool (item 3) has a few variables we will need to define first.
a. How many DAO members / initiatives / roles do we ideally expect to contribute on a recurring basis?
b. The point system for recurring tasks, how do we reward micro tasks?

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