[Discussion] Emissions Model Review: Part 1 of 2 - Metrics & Methods

1. Proposal Purpose:

PART 1 of 2: Discuss Emissions Model by starting with a set of Metrics to utilize & Methods to capture that will ultimately help define or establish whether the current Emissions Model should be unchanged, changed, augmented, or replaced entirely.
The focus is to discuss, brainstorm, identify, and define the metrics that can help measure “value”, contributions, participation, activity, growth, or other indicators of performance / success for the GRAPE community. The expectation of this discussion is to arrive at a conclusion on which metrics can be captured, identified and presented to provide transparency and justify any potential emissions model for discussion in Part 2 of 2.

2. Grape Proposal Overview: Below is a list of Metrics & Methods to capture metrics for review & consideration to start the :grapes: discussion. If any other suggestions exist outside of these, please comment in the replies.

Potential Metrics

  1. Treasury Funds In/Out (Macro)
  2. “Value” by Group In (Micro - SubDAO, Events, Tools or Services [may involve multiple SubDAOs])
  3. Membership Growth (if possible, align with source of new member growth/new Grape holders)
  4. Participation/Views/Exposure (Tools built/used, AMAs, Events, Articles, Tweets, Spaces, Documentation, Education Materials Purposes/Tutorials)
  5. Contribution (Disjointed/Missing today - DAO Gov Committed, Votes, Proposals that make it to on-chain votes, Rev Opportunities created, Partnerships established, Feedback on Tools/Features)
  6. Production Output (align with initiatives and usage of things like Research, Content or other tangible objects.)
  7. Activity (validated & criteria per role/function)
  8. Counterproductivity/Inactivity (Not penalties. Added as a potential metric to measure or gauge if something is going “wrong”.)

Potential Methods:

A. On-Chain (Explorer, Realms (or Governance/staking locking mechanism), Squads, MeanFi, Raydium, Socean, Dex, Dashboard)

B. Off-Chain (Discord, Discourse, Twitter, Shared Drives, Documentation, Articles, Streams, Meetings, etc)

3. Stakeholders

Community Groups & Individuals, such as, DAO, SubDAOs, Boards/Councils/Committees, Skill Roles, Participants and/or Contributors

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:



The metrics you have outlined are dense and atm hard to track, at least for now.

Subdao leaders (do we have a list of this?)should hopefully report back what they would be able to realistically ‘track’… at least initially. Then gradually introduce more metrics once the footing has been secured on a basic level.

I would suggest, having the sub-daos decide 3-4 of these metrics to start tracking now, and using a form for emmission output for February.

Overall, perhaps we can tie in a base level emission across all skills roles on easy metrics we can track right now.

Such as,

Realms,: 20%
Discourse: 10%
Discord: 10%
sub-dao metrics: 60%


Not trying to overload them to the point where they do not execute…as what happened with the emissions metric tracking sheet you created last time.


We need to define what metrics each SubDAO should be hitting, for example
Organizers: should find ways to onboard gamers and non crypto folks to grape through the event they host.
Content creator: should create contents and blog post which would reach crypto blogs.
Researchers: finding new market for grape
Videographers: helping content creators in creating visual blog post.


METRICS Documentation:


Great job putting this together!

Wanted to make sure my previous thoughts on this are shared here

Only metrics that the DAO board should really focus on are

Membership growth
Goals/Milestones achieved

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