Grape Emissions - Idea

Last Sunday DAO Call 05/02/2023 we discussed an idea on how to aidrop the remaining community emissions through out Grape Community first and this was the back bone of it.

If the majority agrees with this approach, the DAO will then procced with this.

Emissions - Layered Approach

  1. Member / Discord Roles - Time Duration & Activity (3 Month) - 1k $GRAPE
    1.1 Grape Member - 5k $GRAPE
    1.2 Neanderthal - 30k $GRAPE
    1.3 ‘X’ Participation in ‘X’ channels - ? $GRAPE

  2. Realms Governance Metrics - Deposited/Staked (3 Months) - 1k $GRAPE
    2.1 Realms Governance Metrics - Voting (Minimum 1 Vote & % over last 3 Months) - 5k $GRAPE
    2.2 Realms Governance Metrics - Proposals (Minimum 1 & % over last 3 Months) - 30k $GRAPE

  3. DAO Support & Execution (Discourse/Gist) - 1k $GRAPE
    3.1 ‘X’ Activity - ? $GRAPE

  4. Grape Tools & Usage - 1k $GRAPE
    4.1 Linked Wallet - ? $GRAPE
    4.2 Linked Wallet in ‘X’ Communities - ? $GRAPE

  5. Grape SubDAOs - 1k $GRAPE
    5.1 Been part of ‘X’ subDAO - ? $GRAPE

  6. Grape Bounties - 1k $GRAPE
    6.1 Created a bounty - ? $GRAPE
    6.2 Did ‘x’ bounties - ? $GRAPE

And the list goes ones, the DAO Call should be used to discuss if this is a viable idea to move on and if it is the layers can be increased with more criterias along the way.

Mostly if not all the data here can be collected via Discord (whoever has discord perms to see ‘x’ criterias), Realms, Discourse and Grape Access.

Of course we will need to take in mind all the people who will be participating on collecting this data.


The layered approach to these criterias can be changed into anything by any DAO member since this is just a concept.

Great Idea!

Will followup with more feedback, but my initial thoughts are to bring the Layers into groups & assign an allocation % per Grouping.

Two data points which need to defined by the DAO are

  1. How big should the total Grape emissions pool be

  2. How big should that max cap per member be being rewarded


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