February Emissions - v0.69420

:goat: February Emissions :goat:

The goal of our monthly emissions is to distribute GRAPE in a wide and fair fashion. Our community runs on merit, so the bulk of our emissions are given as a result of “skilled activity” or “proof of social work”.

Any remaining emissions will be returned to the treasury

1.Membership emission:

Roles $GRAPE Accounts Total $GRAPE
Gibbons 55 954 :grapes:52,470
Great Apes 265 449 :grapes:118,985
Gorillas 1045 432 :grapes:451,440

The goal of our monthly emissions is to distribute GRAPE in a wide and fair fashion. Our community runs on merit, so the bulk of our emissions are given as a result of “skilled activity” or “proof of social work”.
-4 to 5% increase from January emissions and subject to slight adjustments

2. Market Maker Loan (4th of 12th month)

  • $GRAPE- :grapes:833,000

3. Skill Roles

Roles $GRAPE Accounts Total $GRAPE
Researcher tiered 11 :grapes:150,000
Content tiered 35 :grapes:517,500
Moderator tiered 11 :grapes:295,000
Organizer tiered 9 :grapes:72,000
Developer tiered 8 :grapes:200,000
Calendar 5,000.00 4 :grapes:20,000
Panda Crew tiered 8 :grapes:100,000
Garuda Crew tiered 6 :grapes:70,000

4. Councils and DAO Board

Members $GRAPE Accounts Total $GRAPE
NFT Council tiered 6 :grapes:25,000
Gaming Council 5,000 5 :grapes:25,000
DAO Board 20,000 5 :grapes:100,000

5. Bulk Payouts

Bulk Payouts Total $GRAPE
Contests :grapes:500,000
Pandas Growth Grant :grapes:50,000
Garuda Growth Grant :grapes:50,000
Socean Bond :grapes:50,000

-Contests, rewards for events for the whole month

-Pandas Growth Grant to promote the growth of the Chinese part of the server. Encourage the creation of the Panda SubDAO and promote inclusivity by organizing events, translations, tutorials, Chinese Social Media Presence, etc.

-Garuda Growth Grant ‘’-see above-’’

**-Socean Bonds: To further test the mechanism on this project.

  1. SubDAO President/Secretary/Admin Budgets
SubDAO President/Secretary $GRAPE Accounts Total $GRAPE
Researcher 2,500 2 5,000
Content 5,000 3 15,000
Moderation 2,500 1 2,500
Developers 2,500 1 2,500
Panda Crew 2,500 1 2,500
Garuda Crew 2,500 1 2,500

-Allocation for those individuals that handle the administrative duties for their specific sub-dao. There have been no proposals on the actual amounts that should be given. If your sub-dao feels more $GRAPE is deserved, the sub-dao is free to allocate from your budgets as well

7. Partner Server Awards
Name of Project: Sanctuary

  • $GRAPE- :grapes:165,585

-This month’s allocation of partner server awards if for 7 Gorilla Roles to the Sanctuary council members and subsequent honorary induction into our Grape DAO.

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Summary $GRAPE
Total Coins :grapes: 5,000,000.00
Remaining Coins :grapes: 1,414,361.00
Coins Spent :grapes: 3,585,639.00



Things needed:

  1. Number of class members in GRAPE discord

  2. Format to report emissions from each sub-dao is shown below
    Need 3 things
    1. Discord Name,
    2. Discord ID,
    3. Emission amount ($GRAPE)

(Please DM me if you have any questions or need help)

The NFT council emissions seam to be distributed equally although we have a tiered system. I have shared it with you and @Dim_Selk let me know if you want me to reshare it.

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-By ‘Creative’ you mean Content SubDAO? Let’s please use uniform names in the SubDAOs as it can be misleading/hard to understand.

-Voice Actor has been absorbed by the Content SubDAO, no need for separate emission.(35 members)

-In Content SubDAO, we have 3x representatives (=Managers): Takisoul, @starflash, Yero.
-We also request emissions for the workgroup leaders (2 at the moment, Baruska(flyers) & Rafly(videos)

-Community Management SubDAO includes Moderators & Organizers so this needs to be better depicted (just a suggestion).
We have already decided on 5 representatives, the 3 of them being Takisoul, Legend, MlgEuphorino.
Soon to be decided for the remaining 2 (most likely stemming from moderators). (during tomorrow’s SubDAO call to be more precise).

Finally, what is “Socean Bongs”? lol


Some ideas id like to propose

-Add the partner server awards. The one we are doing with Sanctuary – is it covered in last month emissions or in this one? I will be starting that vote proposal today and hope we can come to a rapid conclusion on it. The partner server awards seem to be a great way for us to rapidly expand the talent pool

-The slush fund/petty cash should be added in here – some description of an amount that will be governed by the DAO board. This must be incorporated into the emission

-Id like to increase the gaming council to 200,000 or make a fund that Barndog governs for this next epoch. The allocation for Barndog I proposed could be directed into this. It doesnt necessarily need to be allocated to him specifically, but I believe he has earned our confidence to unilaterally allocate that amount as he sees fit

-Id like to still request a “surprise” emission that is connected to voting/using the dex and other things that are at the CORE of our mission. Seeing less than 3million grape voting on this most recent proposal shows we need to be allocating more to the people that are taking the actions we need. This could be any amount the dao board chooses and I would take responsibility in allocating it


I am hesitant to agree on the 500k for contests.
I understand the value in creating engagement via contests, though do we have any metrics for its benefits?
As cc we have to show our metrics, how many people came, how much we earned for grape this epoch etc.
Can anyone elaborate on how many new members or reach in the ecosystem these contests provide?
Perhaps the larger contests sure, but the twice or sometimes 3 times a week smaller contests?
IMO either a reduction in the amount of contests or reduce its payment.


Great points on this! @Takisoul @legend lets post metrics here for everyone

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yes, please share again here…also Whoever runs the NFT council will just report their exactly as you said and it will be incorporated into master copy

Creative changed to Content
Voice actor role adjusted

Reps allocated 5k upped to 3

Are you saying Mods and Organizers should be one group, or that they have 3 ‘Admin’ personnel?

Bong was placed there to see if people read lol
Allow me this humor :frowning:

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Partner server awards have been added.
Slush fund will be added when number is finalized.

Next 2, good talking points @CryptoPawz Can we add these talking points for Sunday DAO call


Yeah Im not running the council but here you go:
@easymoneyding @rust + moth @Alexperts.sol Tier 2 (x2 emissions) (Rotational representatives)
@CoffeeAttack @bloodbath.sol @DeanTheMachine Tier 1 (X1 emissions)

For 25,000K Grape budget we have atm as a subDAO: x1 = 2,777GRAPE, x2= 5,555GRAPE.

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Thanks for updating.

“Are you saying Mods and Organizers should be one group, or that they have 3 ‘Admin’ personnel?”
Technically they belong to the same SubDAO so I guess yes.
They also currently have 3 ‘Admin’ soon to become 5.

“Bong was placed there to see if people read lol”

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Did the NFT council ever issue a sales list/report? I must have missed it

@easymoneyding @rustandmoth ?

I think @easymoneyding will be sending it to you just before DAO call tomorrow.

@easymoneyding let me know if there’s anything I can do. I can make a list of sales, it’s likely to overlap with your own though. I could select from bottom half of alphabetical list.


These are the metrics for February.

There are some metrics which are harder to implement, which consists in finding how many of these participants are new to community since Discord itself doesn’t track and mostly of these metrics are done manually and one by one.

I don’t see the issue of running multiple events/contests a week since it provides community members for one things they have benefit for. If this is due the amount of $GRAPE we are sending out every month then it’s understandable.

We as subDAO also noticed and planned talks to find a structure/strategy to lower down the rewards.

Keep in mind even if the DAO allocates 500k for contest’s or events the subDAO never reaches to spent it all since the reward of each event are tiered depending on the winner role (A,B,C).

From the February allocation only 67% was used.