December Emissions Proposal by DyNite and Dim Selk

The goal of our monthly emissions is to distribute GRAPE in a wide and fair fashion. Our community runs on merit, so the bulk of our emissions are given as a result of “skilled activity” or “proof of social work”.

From this point in GRAPE, we are trying to cultivate a prudent culture and keep inflation at modest levels. As much as possible we must look towards the future and growing GRAPE.

  • As the NFT council attempts to fill this role, the transitionary period will be a bit bumpy but over time we will get a better understanding of the inner workings of GRAPE to better allocate.

  • Adjustments will need to be made in this transition period and we are keen to hear your thoughts.

  • It is our intention to improve on the structure we currently have and build upon it.

  • Emissions will be stricter due to no emissions cap from this point forward

  • Anybody else from the DAO is always free to create a different proposal from this point on. We are lagging behind for December.

Any remaining emissions will be returned to the treasury

Lastly, this was incredibly difficult to balance.

1.Membership emission:

Roles $GRAPE Accounts Total $GRAPE
Gibbons 55 2110 116,050
Great Apes 270 961 259,470
Gorillas 1100 506 556,600

2. Market Maker Loan (2nd of 12th month)

  • $GRAPE- 833,000

3. Partner Server Awards

200,000 $GRAPE

  • spread among 10 different Solana groups (Each project gets 20,000)

Requirements are italicized

1. DefiLand: -Grape Verified
2. GenesysGo: -NFT
3. Mango: -Grape Verified
4. Studs: -NFT
5. StepN: -NFT
6. Socean: -stake SOL in the vault
7. MeanFi: -Grape/MeanFi verified
8. Phantasia: -Grape/Phantasia verified
9. Orca: -Orca NFT + Grape verified
10. Raydium: -30day single staking + Grape verified

Example: 'weighted distribution'

Mango: 20,000 GRAPE Available

10 Users:
C: 2
B: 5
A: 3

C: 1x
B: 5x
A: 20x

Quick maths:
2x + 25x + 60x = 20,000 ($GRAPE)

87x =20,000

Class C: —1x= 229.88

Class B: —5x= 1149.00

Class A: —20= 4597.60

(459.76) + (5,747) + (13,792.8) = 20,000 ($GRAPE)

  1. Skill Roles
Roles $GRAPE Accounts Total $GRAPE
Crew 10,000.00 21 210,000
Researcher tiered 11 120,000
Designer 7,500.00 19 142,500
Videographer 10,000.00 9 90,000
Moderator 25,000.00 11 275,000
Organizer tiered 9 42,000
Developer 16,000.00 8 128,000
Calendar 5,000.00 4 20,000
Voice Actor 5,000.00 1 5,000
CC tiered XX 200,000
Panda Crew 8 60,000
Garuda Crew 5 10,000
YouTubeCrew XX 30,000

Many of you do not see the Chinese section of the server but there is a lot of activity thanks to a couple of people organizing the group.

We want a dedicated crew to help CCs on youtube production. From tags and metadata to uploading and curating the videos. Recruitment for this role has already started.

  1. SubDAO Budgets
SubDAO Budgets $GRAPE
Community Creator 50,000
Researcher 50,000
Designer Initiatives 30,000
  1. SubDAO President/Secretary Budgets
SubDAO President/Secretary Accounts $GRAPE
Community Creator 2 10,000
Researcher 2 5,000
Panda Crew 1 5,000
Garuda Crew 1 5,000
  1. NFT Council
Members $GRAPE Accounts $GRAPE
NFT Council 5,000 5 25,000
  1. Bulk Payouts
Bulk Payouts $GRAPE
GRAPE Awards 120,000
Contests 500,000
Pandas Growth Grant 50,000
Garuda Growth Grant 50,000

GRAPE Awards was to make sure we reward exceptional members. These will be the final GRAPE awards.

Contests, rewards for events for the whole month

Pandas Growth Grant to promote the growth of the Chinese part of the server. Encourage the creation of the Panda SubDAO and promote inclusivity by organizing events, translations, tutorials, Chinese Social Media Presence, etc.

Garuda Growth Grant ‘’-see above-’’

Summary $GRAPE
Total Coins 4,209,620
Remaining Coins XXXXXXX
Coins Spent XXXXXXXX

(updated after finalizing)


First – thank you for taking the initiative. I know this is extremely difficult

I support most of the proposal – there are tweaks i will make in my own or recommend can be made here

NFT Council – should only be 4 people (me @Alexperts.sol @BloodBath1 @CoffeeAttack ) i dont recall anyone else helping much

DAO Board – the 5 DAO members deserve an allocation. Id be suggesting 20k each for a total of 100k.

Id also recommend to remove all budgets from the proposal – that is currently 130,000

If there were anywhere else to look to decrease - id consider making tiers for designer, videographer,developer, and moderator. There is a wide range of work in those subDAOs – we should compensate the hard workers at a high scale and alot less for the new members/just warming up people. I can help do this for moderators

I recommend @starflash create tiers for designers/videographers, @BillysDiscord for developers


Thanks for the feedback Dean. As it relates to optimising SubDAO emissions and implementing tiers I 100% agree. I am working with @natome to do that for the Panda Crew as well, by EOW.


Layed out very well thank you.

Dean is suggesting above that the subdao budgets be removed, I don’t quite follow because at our last cc meeting everyone decided to have our emissions separate to our budget.

If we didn’t do anything with our budget it goes right back to the treasury.

In all honestly, i believe the subdao president and secretary roles are underpaid imo.
there are 15? ish individuals in cc atm ( maybe 40+ if creatives merge with cc). later on down the line, with the decreasing price of grape, increased workload and further complexity of organizing ourselves, i see noone will want to take on this role. Hopefully someone proves me wrong.

As dean said the dao board is not being compensated for their efforts. we should rectify this.
Perhaps reducing the subdao budgets and redirecting to dao board.


Non-Tier allocation will soon wear out hard-working members and I think is unfair to more active users. The only subDAO that still uses a non-tier model is Creative SubDAO. and I think we should consider the activity of users from the first epoch to compensate for the work they have done in tier model emissions for the last 3 epochs.


Could you add the % change in total emissions from the previous epoch for each subDAO?


I agree that Creative should move to tiers

Kind of hard to go back in time and compensate for previous epochs – you would need to “clawback” emissions from the lower tiered people

I think everything gets better with the tiers you propose for Creative subDAO


I don’t mean to add an extra amount for the previous epochs, I mean to make tiers of this epoch based on the activity of the last 3 epochs. The activity of each individual has been tracked and it’s not a difficult procedure.


Great job Dynite, Would you please tell me based on what criteria the total budget of each subDAO has been changed? Do we have a metric to track down and change the allocation from month to month?

There have been slight changes already proposed on v2.

The changes came through discussion from the DAO board, GRAPE leaders, chats with sub-dao leaders, and an overall review of GRAPE from Dim and me.
Adjustments will hopefully get better as time progresses.

It is definitely the hope that most sub-daos switch to a tiered allocation so that people are compensated properly for the work they put in.


From Oct to Nov it was around -50%
From Nov to Dec it would be around -8% if the 110K passed but we kept it the same to 120K so its 0% change.

I did put this matter under discussion on the weekly DAO call becuase the Researcher subDAO seamed to have the bniggest losses %wise. The new emissions structure will now have the per person allocation so all subDAOs should have the same % effective from now on.


I think the idea was to increase or decrease the amounts for subDAOs based on how critical their contributions are for a given epoch (and not merely based on how many members it has). For example, if the DAO wanted to focus on content creation to bring in more users for some epoch and/or community creators were lacking in members to be able to do everything they wanted to do, their allocation would be increased.


Indeed. That was one of the metrics used to evaluate, but will most surely change over time…another was the value they currently bringing into GRAPE. Hard to measure, but hopefully a system will be in place to better assess a particular person’s work output in GRAPE.


Agree w/ @Madivaan that we should have tiered system for work based roles.


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