$GRAPE Emissions Epoch 3 V2.0 (Improved)

An improved proposal for Epoch 3 emissions.

Taking into account all your input I have made some changes.

All unused emissions will be returned to the treasury.

Roles $GRAPE Accounts Total $GRAPE
Gibbons 10 1978 19,780.00
Great Apes 50 703 35,150.00
Gorillas 200 295 59,000.00

SubDAO Budgets

SubDAO Budgets $GRAPE
Community Creator 250,000.00
Researcher 50,000.00
Designer Initiatives 60,000.00
  • Community Creators will distribute payments as they deem suitable. An additional 60k $GRAPE has been allocated (vs. the previous proposal) for extra initiatives (such as subtitles) as the budget for the team and the subDAO have been merged.

  • Reduced Researcher Grant as the previous one was not used

  • A Designer initiative Grant to attract new talent for re-occurring work requests.

SubDAO (President / Secretary) $GRAPE Accounts Total $GRAPE
Community Creator 5,000.00 2 10,000.00
Researcher 5,000.00 2 10,000.00
DAO $GRAPE Accounts Total $GRAPE
Vault Manager 10,000.00 1 10,000.00
  • One Vault Manager (I will be the executioner until the Vault is controlled by the Solana Governance Program) with a reduced budget as they will also be part of Researcher SubDAO

Roles $GRAPE Accounts Total $GRAPE
Crew 20,000.00 25 500,000.00
Researcher 10,000.00 12 120,000.00
Designer 10,000.00 19 190,000.00
Videographer 10,000.00 9 90,000.00
Moderator 20,000.00 12 240,000.00
Organizer 10,000.00 7 70,000.00
Developer 10,000.00 5 50,000.00
Calendar 5,000.00 5 25,000.00
Voice Actor 5,000.00 1 5,000.00
Youtube Crew 40,000.00
Panda Crew 60,000.00

Many of you do not see the Chinese section of the server but there is a lot of activity thanks to a couple of people organizing the group.

We want a dedicated crew to help CCs on youtube production. From tags and metadata to uploading and curating the videos. Recruitment for this role has already started.

Both votes passed.

Allocation of CCs is available as a subDAO Budget.

Bulk Payouts $GRAPE
GRAPE Awards 300,000.00
Partner Awards 200,000.00
Contests 750,000.00
Pandas Growth Grant 100,000.00

GRAPE Awards with a slightly increased budget to make sure we reward exceptional members. This is the way to exceed the individual cap of 30,000 $GRAPE.

Partner Awards to reward cross-partner community members. It will be a different top 10, with different criteria compared to epoch 2.

Contests, rewards for events for the whole month

Pandas Growth Grant to promote the growth of the Chinese part of the server. Encourage the creation of the Panda SubDAO and promote inclusivity by organizing events, translations, tutorials, Chinese Social Media Presence, etc.

Summary $GRAPE
Total Coins 5,000,000.00
Remaining Coins 922,736.67
Coins Spent 4,077,263.33


If you do not agree with something please vote “PROPOSAL DENIED” and voice your disagreement in the comments below. please be constructive and suggest changes and solutions!

if you do not understand something please DO NOT VOTE. Initiate a conversation in the DAO Channel in Discord. I will be monitoring to help explain anything that is not clear in my proposal.

Thank you :heart: :raised_hands: :grapes:


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Looks good, quick question we vote on Grape Awards?

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Not only vote but when the time is right, we’d be asked to nominate people and there’s a dedicated channel for it in the discord where the names of those people would be added in a poll for members of all classes A, b and c would be asked to vote on what member deserves the award from what subdao

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Shout out to you @Whale_s_Friend this looks pretty amazing. And am so happy that the Chinese community are slowly coming aboard the grape train


Awesome layout! Very easy to read :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think the researcher emissions should be handled the same as the Community Creators: “Community Creators will distribute payments as they deem suitable.”, as was the case for the previous epoch.


@Durden Let’s Put this on a vote. I am happy to go in that direction as long as there is someone handling that topic within the subDAO. It seems to me that people are scared to tag inactives!

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I’m a little confused where the Community Creators fit in, and have we completely removed the fact we’d done levels last month and had aimed at a 3 tier this month - not everyone put’s in the same workloads.


@Barndog, That’s why the CCs have 250k $GRAPE to distribute as they deem suitable


I think every subdao emissions should be delt that way, that way we encourage people who have been lagging behind to sit up and do their job.


Eventually, yes, I think it will have to be that way; people’s contributions simply won’t be equal in amount/quality. I think most subDAOs have started off that way for simplicity and will move to tiers or whatever when they are ready. No need to force it upon them though.


Perfect, I thought that was what was meant - it’s great to have as many content creators as possible and share and add workloads, and even add more workload ultimately. So even getting in people with small amounts of time can have a chance to help the whole function - which was why we are testing a 3 tier system this month.


What’s the function of the YouTube crew??

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Delivering sexy content;)


What is a ''Youtube Crew"? and what is their work?
Sounds like something that the CC can take care of.


@Zhing_Richard @Favour

It has to do with re-occurring content on the Grape Youtube channel.

Chapters, Tags, Descriptions, Editing Short Videos, Metadata. Uploading from the 2h streams and hopefully having a team to support @Barndog & @MetaVerse_Explorer


@Whale_s_Friend can’t the Videographer handle that??

I think we surely need a new role for those designers and videographers who are helping @Barndog and @Metaverse Explorer


Content publishing is a full time role; it’s much more than just video editing. Plus we have two content creators churning out content that needs curation and publishing to get more reach.


I think this is the purpose of the YT crew.

Clip and cut and edit short summaries of 1h + 2h AMAs and have it visible on the grape YT channel.

If you specifically mean the designers for thumbnails i think its not necessary, we go through the work requests just like everyone else.

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Excellent layout, please continue to use as its easy to read and succinct.

Thank you for recognizing the CC subdao can allocate their own emissions as we had already discussed and made plans for this.

**Call out to all CC. On our next CC meeting on monday, an item of discussion will be the clarification of all members in each tier.

So whales, you designated 5k each to a pres and sec in CC and researcher.
I assume the treasurer role is coming with the pres & sec . Is there an allocation to each subdao treasurer at all? don’t see it mentioned.