January Emission v2 -CopyPasteCrew

The goal of our monthly emissions is to distribute GRAPE in a wide and fair fashion. Our community runs on merit, so the bulk of our emissions are given as a result of “skilled activity” or “proof of social work”.

Any remaining emissions will be returned to the treasury

1.Membership emission:

Roles $GRAPE Accounts Total $GRAPE
Gibbons 55 1031 :grapes:56,705
Great Apes 265 441 :grapes:116,865
Gorillas 1055 519 :grapes:547,545

-4.9% increase from December emissions

2. Market Maker Loan (3rd of 12th month)

  • $GRAPE- :grapes:833,000

3. Skill Roles

Roles $GRAPE Accounts Total $GRAPE %Change
Researcher tiered 11 :grapes:150,000
Creative tiered 34 :grapes:492,500
Moderator tiered 11 :grapes:295,000
Organizer tiered 9 :grapes:72,000
Developer tiered 8 :grapes:200,000
Calendar 5,000.00 4 :grapes:20,000
Voice Actor 5,000.00 1 :grapes:5,000
Panda Crew tiered 8 :grapes:100,000
Garuda Crew tiered 6 :grapes:70,000

-This epoch marked the first on the unification of Team Videographer, Team Designer, Team CC, and our YT guy.

-Crew role has been retired as it has fulfilled its role. Thank you.

—Will list numbers of designer, CC, videographer later–

4. NFT Council and DAO Board

Members $GRAPE Accounts $GRAPE
NFT Council 4,166 6 :grapes:25,000
DAO Board 20,000 5 :grapes:100,000

5. Bulk Payouts

Bulk Payouts $GRAPE
Contests :grapes:500,000
Pandas Growth Grant :grapes:50,000
Garuda Growth Grant :grapes:50,000

-GRAPE Awards was terminated.

-Contests, rewards for events for the whole month

-Pandas Growth Grant to promote the growth of the Chinese part of the server. Encourage the creation of the Panda SubDAO and promote inclusivity by organizing events, translations, tutorials, Chinese Social Media Presence, etc.

-Garuda Growth Grant ‘’-see above-’’

Summary $GRAPE
Total Coins :grapes:5,000,000
Remaining Coins :grapes:1,391,141
Coins Spent :grapes:3,608,859

The onchain vote is now here

Total Allocated 3,683,615.00
Difference with Total Coins 1,316,385
OnChain Instruction 1,575,385
Total Coins 5,000,000
Remaining Coins 1,391,141
Coins Spent 3,608,859
1.Membership emission 721,115
2. Market Maker Loan (3rd of 12th month) 833,000
3. Skill Roles 1,404,500
4. NFT Council and DAO Board 125,000
5. Bulk Payouts 600,000
SUM(1+2+3+4+5) 3,683,615
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will incorporate this breakdown in future props

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