[Agenda] DAO Call - Jan 9th 2022

Preliminary agenda for DAO Call: Jan 9th, 2022:

  1. New prospects and removals @Arximedis | @Dim_Selk
  2. [Discussion] Introduce NEW value to the Discord @Donny_Brasco (GRIZZ)
  3. [Discussion] Missing marketing opportunity @Donny_Brasco (GRIZZ)
  4. December Emissions Proposal (v1) @DyNite | @Dim_Selk
  5. [Proposal] Increasing Grape’s scalability and utility by proposing we create a Grape IDO launch pad @Hype.Jr
  6. MeanFi streaming @DeanMachine
  7. The Zine (integration/redesign/promotion) @MetaVerse_Explorer | @DeanMachine
  8. Hearthstone partnership with Athanas @Dethelor
  9. For Grape Protocol to invest in Photo Finish 2 NFTs @CoffeeAttack
  10. NFT & Treasury Council (report/help needed) @Dim_Selk | @BloodBath1
  11. Grape Organizational Chart (status) >> CryptoPawz

If there is time:

  1. 5K USDC Grant for DFA Academy Connectivity and Gaming Team @DeanMachine

Please feel free and add the topics that you want to address!


Could someone else take the partner server awards responsibility? We’ve laid out most of the decisions, now i just need someone to solidify the targetting and the partners

Ideally the DAO council could wrap this up if possible

I would like to add a minor topic of discussion. Though i wont be able to attend as usual.

The Zine has agreed to come under the grape umbrella, negotiations/talks have settled down.
He will be a CC. ( dean can link the zine for people to see, Vincent 68 )

There will be a plan to rebrand/redesign the zine in the same manner of durdans grapevine.
I am requesting for the DAO + team to help initiate the incorporation of the zine into grape.

  • help with general twitter promotion of this event
  • be involved in the redesign and communication between the creative/designer subdao + CC subdao
  • for the team + dao to reach out to vincent and introduce themselves and see if there are any avenues of corporation.

It’s unknown if he will aim to be a DAO member, but seeing as he will be a new product being offered by grape, as president i ask that the rest of grape and the dao please get to know him.



was this addressed in the December emissions proposal, or were there more to be done?

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We will have a link tomorrow hopefully of a proposal from CoffeeAttack regarding an idea around a Grape Stable for Photo Finish 2. It’s not finished yet but just mentioning ahead of his link. Solana Gaming will be huge this year, and there is so much we can go running with from both a Community Creator subDAO, but also from potentially expanding into some games for profit and Guild like services.

I will be minting 5x Zoolana Alpha Blues as one of these initiatives, and then getting some things tied into it from Designers and creative ideas we can run with. It’s only a small 5 SOL for those, we could of easily gotten more if I had of brought this up earlier, and I do think more would of both actually made us profit, but given us a bigger entrance into the whole thing, but 5 is still something we can enter into and do something. I’m full time, balls deep this year - there will come a time when Solana Gaming will actually be able to become its own subDAO if we manage it properly and start off getting some assets into these upcoming games.

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addressed :slight_smile: thank you for checking

id like to add MeanFi streaming options to the agenda :slight_smile:

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should also add these to the agenda