Hearthstone partnership with Athanas

1. Proposal Purpose:

We have our first Hearthstone Constructed tournament coming up on Tuesday. Thinking it would be a good idea to promote it through the #1 Hearthstone streamer in Greece who has an active community of 1000+ users. He has heard about the project from some of our common friends and is interested in a partnership with GRAPE.
Athanas has very high conscientiousness and I trust him personally, as he has been a player in a team I managed back in the day.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

Athanas will do the following:
a) Advertise the tournament on his steam before and during the tournament day
b) Mention the tournament on Social Media
c) Show a tutorial on his stream about how to Buy Grape, link your wallet and play in the tournament
d) Play and Stream the tournament on Tuesday afternoon

3. Stakeholders

Organisers Team (Dethelor) & Athanas (AthanasHS - Trovo)
Some of his stats on Trovo can be found here: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/471050900287258637/929096752282361927/weekly.png?width=858&height=476

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

I would suggest the amount of 5370 GRAPE (emissions for the Great Ape Rank) for a minimum of 2 tournaments and re-evaluate for future events.
Another idea would be to pay a smaller amount to Athanas but award GRAPE to his community. through an Athanas-Community freeroll.
Deadline: Monday 10/1


I like this idea – spreading the word in gamer areas is a net positive for sure


Totally agree and really like the idea as well. The cost is small for potential long term benefit. We just ideally need clear messaging on next-steps for new signups to Grape. I expect we are going to be attracting many more non-crypto people as things proceed in 2022 with good initiatives like this. Been thinking about how to position ourselves to guide them to bring them aboard – for another discussion. Good luck with the tourney.

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We could really use a video showcasing how to buy Solana, trading these for Grape, Grape verifying etc.

This is a barrier that makes entry hard for many users. “I like the concept of Grape but this all is too confusing” is something I often hear.

Have shown the process myself to some people but that’s not scalable in the long term.


I think this is a heavily needed step. We need to advertise the bigger tourneys, so we get full lobbys. Especially for Hearthstone, Warzone and some other games might come in the future. We NEED normal gamers into crypto. Most of the guys inside the Grape Community are only interested in mobile games and in my opinion this is a big problem. Good thing about Hearthstone, you can play it on mobile and on PC.


Totally agree here. This is going to be needed as things grow in crypto. I had my own challenges getting in to Discord (and I come from a tech background). So having a means to offer a helping hand to people outside of Discord (as a fail stop measure) is worth considering as part of this.

Idk if Discord is the biggest problem about this whole thing. Discord is already spread in the whole gaming and streaming community. I think the biggest problem for the average gamer is to understand, they only need to buy $GRAPE once to participate on all the events and don’t even loose their money if they participate and loose.

Yeah. Most gamers are not into the crypto space so grape might sound strange to them. We’d need to lecture as many gaming community as we can and the idea @Dethelor proposed would be a nice start. I’m sure the 1k people in question are all active gamers and word should spread fast from their end as I’m sure these people have their own gaming guild or society


Very good points grape brother on all fronts. I would suggest we should also consider the proposed training / usage video(s) that @Dethelor mentioned should not just be limited to gamers. I think this is what he intended in my read. I too have been thinking about this need for some time.

Non gamers can definitely benefit from this as well (who are not currently in the crypto space). There will be a big influx of these types of individuals in the future that we need to ensure we can help bring into this awesome community.

And, it will help us avoid spending time answering the same questions over and over again. Just my two grapes.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

As most of you noted, these gamers are very active in their respective communities on Discord but they have limited knowledge of Crypto. Educating them would be the first step for a successful introduction of them to Grape.

Athanas will stream again tomorrow morning is also planning to stream the tournament in the afternoon if he is eligible to participate.

Would we able to do something about this by the end of the day?


Sure we can handle this in multiple ways. Coordinate that he gets a verified wallet on Grape and share his id with @legend @Takisoul

Once he is in, tel then to set him as an organizer and we can coordinate sending him GRAPE after he has completed the 2 tournaments

The GRAPE will come from Organizer budget and should be considered a “Hearthstone” cost when we measure effectiveness later this month


Good idea! I would try the same with COD/ Warzone!

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Thanks Dean.

I suggest we do it for the next event since this is short notice for everyone. The next tournament will take place on the 24th so there is plenty of time.


VERY good initiative!

I think this is a way to move forward in onboarding gamers with a larger audience to crypto and Grape activities.

I also look forward for a similar proposal for the imminent Warzone tournament while there is still some time left @Continental

Let’s do this with a bang.


After discussing with @Dethelor on this I believe it is more fitting that we should add individuals like this to the ranks of content creators.
The reason behind this is they would be mostly promoting Grape in their communities and platforms and not organizing events per se.
In this case Dethelor will keep organizing the HS events but Athanasia will be promoting them , therefore would be performing better as a CC member rather than organizer.

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