$GRAPE Train & Gain

1. Proposal Purpose:

A lot of us are having jobs inside and outside crypto and in general, are spending countless hours at the computer. The benefits of training regularly are undeniable and I’ve also seen that we have a $GRAPE partnered fitness streamer.

I train at the gym sometimes but finding the motivation to do this at home is tough. What if you could gain some $GRAPE for finishing an extra set of swings or doing the extra push-up?

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

We can collaborate with Sketos and other fitness experts to create a simple workout plan for everyone who is interested. Then everyone can cheer/encourage the members to reach their desired goal. Every target & workout plan should be tailor-made to each individual member taking part.

Every trainee has a target to reach in any given set & workout. If they exceed their goal, they receive some $GRAPE. The rewards will be higher if they exceed their goal by a higher margin.

Every user that is taking part should have their camera activated and train live on camera.

3. Stakeholders

Sketos & any other fitness trainers & experts we have.
I (Dethelor) can help with organizing the project and bringing new ideas & concepts.
This event could be open to everyone and could be a great way to attract new members.

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

$GRAPE rewards should be low but just high enough to motivate more training sessions and overperformance during them. It’s a way of gamifying the workout and what’s better than collecting some $GRAPE? An average of 300 $GRAPE for each successful workout should suffice.


How does Grape benefit from this?


Another avenue for community engagement perhaps.

I have to agree with @Durden – we need more initiatives that bring value.


I like the idea and the initiative. It’s nice to see new ideas being discussed and I don’t want to discourage people from bringing new ideas, alas I think this favors only a specific type of sports enthusiast (gym participants) and leaves out other type of sports (running, cycling, outdoor sports, sports that don’t use gym facilities). In this sense, I think it’s too retrained in terms of people that would be targeted and that could benefit from the initiative.


I was thinking the same. Zero benefit for Grape, just another way to give away free money. The more $GRAPE we give away, the lower the price will be in the future.

I think we should focus on getting a stable price for the token.


Thank you for this proposal @Dethelor!
This was actually a topic of discussion back in the first days of setting up the fitness project.
The main value and gain of the fitness and wellness channels is to keep our community active mentally and physically, a way to support them.
I also believe that $GRAPE will not benefit from that and I agree with @Ovenpunch, there are many obstacles and restrictions atm.


I like the idea behind it, I’m not sure if you’re aware of any of the Move to Earn games, STEPN is starting this week, and will be launching leaderboards end of December. So STEPN is based on walking/jogging/running traditionally - Genopets could be another option down the track and I will be continuing to monitor their progress.

This will be something that we can participate as a DAO/project - so Grape vs monkeDAO vs Degen Apes etc. We talked a little about it today on my AMA with STEPN, for the challanges people will get “free airdropped sneakers with timers” to participate in the challanges and could potentially win real NFT sneakers that would operate as per normal in the Game.

I’ve personally started working with the team, doing their weekly AMAs and additional videos, and they have also donated the first NFT for DFA Academy in an initiative we started here at Grape to get the boys playing Solana Games in a chance to earn money in the 3.0 Web.


but in general purpose and thought, healthy body, healthy mind is an answer to many peoples “what does it provide Grape Protocol”

it provides us with general good health, and that promotes good energy and mental health, every DAO should be promoting good mental and physical health in general - and at least have some kind of potential side offer or thoughts.


I think it might be a good idea, when the community members who are interested in fitness etc. could “buy” training plans from the fitness team and the price is $ GRAPE which goes 50/50 to the treasury and to the creator of the plan.

Maybe even do a staking pool where the value of $ GRAPE the plan costs is being locked for the duration of the plan.

For example:

Plan structure:
12 weeks of training - 4 workouts a weeks (only traning, no meal plan)

1.000 $ GRAPE

Locked in a stacking pool for the 12 weeks duration. Should give Grape a little stability and everyone in the community benefits from it.

Personal coaching could be more “expensive”. Price depends on how much support the community member needs.

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not that I am against this, I place a high value on health both mental and physical…but something like this is offered for free on a plethora of sites, YT for example and I feel people won’t be using/coming to GRAPE for fitness.

Incorporating these ideas is hard as it is. Just don’t think this will bring much value to GRAPE


I like the overall idea, It just has to be polished more, I like Barndog Idea, It would be super cool to participate as a DAO/project in a Move2Earn game like StepN, Even Grape can invest in the game, Buy Sneakers give it to the members, They will earn Money, The money gets split. and Grape can have ambassadors in several M2E games leaderboard.


I’d like to add more to this idea baseline, in effect Grape is already donating for something which fits within the scope of it, the first phone donated to DFA also received a STEPN NFT, and they will be using it whilst training.

I am contemplating starting a segment based on a daily walk/run within the STEPN community, I am exercising twice a day, but I want this to be more than just being for STEPN, I want to base it on wellness and health, I’m not entirely sure how to kickstart it, or what platform, or who will benefit from it most. I know STEPN aim to add a Leaderboard system involving different groups/DAOs, but this will likely be after the New Year as they have other things that are pushed forward. I guess in my mind I had thought we could create some kind of either discord session, or twitter space around it, at a regular time each day.

If someone has suggestions of how best to start something like this, we can easily put a proposal forward to STEPN as well to potentially receive some free NFT sneakers for Grape Protocol and maybe have a competition based around it, and get that started. We had a very poor turnout to the last STEPN AMA, but there’s always other ways to set something up and not need to incur any cost to Grape itself.


We can have a score sheet like the credit score that StepN has, we lend the sneaker to the grape users with higher credit scores, they can earn and Grape will benefit from it as well. we can have a committee that is in charge of spending GSTs earned to mint new shoes etc… similar to the NFT Committe. It’s also kind of investment in the long run and maybe as you said StepN would provide some free NFTs to start with.

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I can absolutely make a proposal to STEPN - they are aiming to get more communities involved, and I’ve already reached out to a couple. ATM I will start a daily event - Jogging with Barndog - I’ll make an open discord call every day same time on different servers and start to gauge numbers and interest - 30 minutes every day to start off with.

My aim is to get myself into shape to run a half marathon 21km I think that is - atm each day I go 3-5km, so it’s going to be a gradual thing, but there’s no reason why we can’t have a chat group every day on different servers, getting people in those timezones to start doing things together on a daily basis.

Grape Discord Tuesday and Friday 08:30am Queensland time - that works out to 22:30 UTC - so it’s going to be a horrible time for some - but the aim is to answer any questions people have about STEPN they may have, Solana Gaming, even just chat about new things happing on Solana that we may not know.


I have booked the stage for Tuesday and Friday this week - we will use a public Channel so people can join and ask questions, I’ll be either Jogging or walking - it will be real world exercise, I will also line up some prizes from STEPN as well, I can’t guarentee, but they’ve already donated things to DFA and have them lined up for more as well.

If we get a community of people for this, I know we can easily benefit in game through giveaways and ofc in general health and wellbeing.


There will be prizes - just had a talk with team - 3 NFTs a week to grow this space and community around the Move to Earn and Healthy lifestyles will be donated from STEPN - I’m obviously keen to grow this space, times will be 8:30am (GMT +10) every mon-fri for me - that is 22:30 UTC.

The time obvioulsy won’t suit everyone, but if we can grow the space - I’m sure we can actually aim to get a second group up and running (pun intended) with some kind of support from the team.


Wow, That’s awesome, a great opportunity for Grape members who still don’t have a sneaker to get one and start running and earning.


I agree and love the initiative overall to promote health within the community. Cost of entry is a concern but that should be taken care of when rentals come… On that note, currently I flirt with barefoot running and minimal stuff too. Would be cool if they just had a pair of gnarly feet (no sneakers) for an NFT. :footprints:


ahaha could be a skin “skin”

yes cost of entry is a concern - atm as there’s limited players still and eveyone is levellign sneakers or minting - the deflationary pressure on the coin is massive, as the game opens up to more and more people hopefully to coin decreases a bit in price. Renting will be free so a a good option come later on when it opens up, but if we can make a good event and turn outs from it, we can hopefully get some of these NFTs into our own community to grow it. Plenty of things we can do in the future for sure, all starts from 10 minutes a day!

We had 20 people in total on Tuesday 4th, compared to 0 the day before in STEPN, Grape showed up, and I’m pretty fken proud of that, it’s impressive that we have people not just trying to look after their wallets but also supporting other initiatives like good health.

Next one for Grape is Friday 6th, local times will show up on your discords.