[Agenda] DAO Call - Jan 2nd 2022

Preliminary agenda for DAO Call, Jan 2nd 2022:

  1. New Year, new prospects! (and removal) @DeanMachine DeanMachine
  2. [Discussion] Updates to Discord Channels and Permissions @DeanMachine
  3. [Discussion] Introduce NEW value to the Discord @Donny_Brasco (GRIZZ)
  4. [Proposal] Use an evolving NFT membership ticket as a means to identify members at the wallet level and give access to value added benefits across the Solana ecosystem @Pavelsan
  5. [Proposal] Increase Membership token requirements based on the different tiers @BillysDiscord
  6. [Discussion] Adjustable emissions Cap and voting results: [Vote] Remove the Emissions Cap @DeanMachine
  7. December Emissions @DyNite | @Dim_Selk
  8. Voting results: [Proposal] DAO Board Vote 12/2021 @CryptoPawz
  9. Preparing subDAO Board Votes @CryptoPawz
  10. Grape Organizational Chart @CryptoPawz
  11. [Proposal] Increasing Grape’s scalability and utility by proposing we create a Grape IDO launch pad @Hype.Jr

If there is time:
12. [Discussion] Missing marketing opportunity @Donny_Brasco (GRIZZ)
13. Update on the HNT proposal @DyNite

Please feel free and add the topics that you want to address!


Since we had no DAO Call on the Christmas weekend, we can use this agenda to collect topics for Tuesday, although I’d guess that the security incident takes precedence.

Either way, please feel free to add topics you’d like to discuss.

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can we get a tab in the organizational chart, where people can link their main projects, or aspects that they oversee within the community------AMAs, Discord permissions, Friday night gaming…events like Poker, COD, etc…

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If time permits, would like to talk about/get an update with the HNT proposal/partnership from a while ago?

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Id appreciate it if people read the details here – we can do a quick recap but there is not much the DAO can discuss regarding this


Ok, removed it :+1: All the better if everything is taken care of. Wasn’t sure where we are regarding the detailed post mortem. Only saw that you had a talk with GenesysGo that went well and allayed their fears.

id like to make sure that at least one proposal goes to an onchain vote. It would help us determine that quorum is directionally correct now. that would help alot as we continue to expand our understanding of onchain voting

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also we should discuss the emission schedule and lack of an existing proposal. there are a number of emissions that are already locked in and calculated and we should have a clear understanding of what remains to be decided