[Proposal] DAO Board Vote 12/2021


As in the accepted proposal DAO Organizational Updates - GRAPE Councils suggested, to augment the organizational structure by implementing an intermediary level of limited delegated authority to a set of individuals selected based on willingness, merit, and democratic process, the corresponding DAO vote will be held.


The DAO Council - Candidates Nomination poll closed and 16 DAO Members were nominated; all accepted their nomination. This is the subsequent vote.

The DAO Council, henceforth DAO Board, will be charged with operational tasks of the main DAO, documentation, and status tracking of proposals, finding consensus, and coordinating initiatives with respective stakeholders like subDAOs.

The DAO Board will be a minimum of 2 but no more than 5 DAO Members.
Please vote for up to 5 candidates:

  • image Arximedis
  • image BloodBath1
  • image cavicon1
  • image Continental
  • image CryptoPawz
  • image DeanMachine
  • image Dethelor
  • image Dim_Selk
  • image DyNite
  • image Eratosthenis
  • image Medivaan
  • image natome
  • image Ovenpunch
  • image rustandmoth
  • image Takisoul
  • image WhalesFriend

0 voters

In case your prefered candidate isn’t listed or you don’t want to cast a vote:
  • Abstain

0 voters

What happens when the vote closes?

  • After the vote closes, the election results will be revealed, voters remain anonymous.
  • Those members with the most votes will be notified (up to 5).
  • These members need to formally accept their new position here in this thread.
  • In case of a tied vote that exceeds the 5 member limit,
    – affected members can relinquish their place, or
    – a run-off vote will be held.

The vote closed and we have a new DAO Board. Congratulations to all participants and thanks for voting!

As the last step the following members need to accept their position in this thread:

Since we have a draw, @DeanMachine or @Whale_s_Friend you can either relinquish your position as a DAO Board Member and let the other take it or we’ll have another vote. I guess you know each other long enough that this can be taken care of in a short chat :wink: Let us know, we’re awaiting your decision.

Lastly, please feel free to give some feedback regarding the voting procedure. Due to us moving to on-chain, it’s important that we talk about possible issues and things we can improve on. The [Discussion] Feedback on Proposals and Voting is up.


Since I made the announcement, I can go first and thank you for the votes and confidence. I’ll do my best and continue to help structure and organize our DAO :v:


Thank you for the vote of confidence everyone! Ready and super excited to work with my fellow board members to write history with the Grape DAO!


I suggest that both @Whale_s_Friend and I relinquish our spots to @BloodBath1

But if Whales wont relinquish it, I challenge him to a Beat Saber battle


I am humbled to be voted with these very talented individuals and will endeavor to match their GRAPE “machismo,” if you will.


I am honoured to be part of the council!


I appreciate the vote of confidence and support, and great to be part of such a dynamic group.

Looking forward to continue supporting initiatives that drive the DAO forward.

It’s unfortunate this didn’t have greater voter participation.


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