2nd DAO Board Elections - Time Table and Candidates Nomination

Time Table:

13.03. :heavy_minus_sign: Candidate Nomination (4 days) and discussion channel on Discord
17.03. :heavy_minus_sign: 7 days Discourse poll (multiple choice)
24.03. :heavy_minus_sign: 7 days on-chain vote for poll confirmation
01.04. :heavy_minus_sign: 2nd DAO-Board term starts :two_hearts:


The DAO Board Application Form discussed here was provided in advance and people had the chance to apply as a candidate. They also had the option to answer some general questions that will be shared in a Discord channel for people to see and engage in conversation. These Members and the nominees from this thread will be up for vote.

Valid candidates from the application form:

  • Angered Bees#3693
  • Arximedis#6129
  • avidlearner.sol#0001
  • CryptoPawz#0001
  • Dim Selk#3870
  • DyNite#7777
  • l1l.sol#7929
  • Takisoul#5096
  • TheRipTyde#1765

This post provides the option to nominate someone who hasnโ€™t already applied. You can suggest DAO Members for the role of DAO Board Candidate. If said DAO Member accepts their nomination in the poll below, they will be added to the subsequent vote for DAO Board Membership.

A public Discord channel will be created where Candidates can answer questions from the community. This channel will be available during the whole campaigning phase until the on-chain vote closes.

On March 17th a multiple-choice Discourse poll will be created where every Candidate can be voted on (see last run). This poll will be up for 7 days.
In case of a tied vote that exceeds the 5 member limit,
โ€“ affected members can relinquish their place, or
โ€“ a run-off vote will be held, in which case the on-chain vote will be postponed appropriately and accordingly

On March 24th the results from the multiple-choice poll will be set up as an on-chain vote. The on-chain vote will be up for 7 days.

The DAO Board will be a minimum of 2 but no more than 5 DAO Members.

  • If you want to nominate someone as a candidate for the DAO Council, make a post in this thread with their name in it.
  • If you accept a nomination for becoming a DAO Council Member, click on โ€˜Acceptโ€™ in the poll below.
  • If you got nominated and donโ€™t want to apply or put yourself on the list in error click on โ€˜Declineโ€™.
Would you accept a nomination as a DAO Board Member?
  • Accept
  • Decline

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The nomination poll will be closed when the voting poll starts on March 17th.


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