DAO Council - Candidates Nomination


  1. Nominate DAO Council Candidates that later will be up for election, if they accept.
  2. Identify @DAO Members that accept a nomination for becoming a DAO Council Member.


The PROPOSAL: DAO Organizational Updates - GRAPE Councils by @Arximedis suggested forming a DAO Council and was approved with 85% ‘YES’ votes.

In this thread, you can suggest DAO Members for the role of DAO Council Member. If said DAO Member accepts their nomination in the poll below, they will be added in the subsequent vote for DAO Council Membership. The DAO Council will be a minimum of 2 but no more than 5 DAO Members.

  • If you want to nominate someone as a candidate for the DAO Council, make a post in this thread with their name in it.
  • If you accept a nomination for becoming a DAO Council Member, click on ‘Accept’ in the poll below. (You may also nominate yourself by accepting.)
  • The poll will close after the next DAO call on Sunday.
Would you accept a nomination as DAO Council Member?
  • Accept
  • Decline

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Votes will be visible.

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Additional Note

The poll is for organizational purposes only! If someone wants to nominate a member or if a member wants to accept their nomination after the poll closes, they will also be added to the list of candidates.
The list will only be closed once the actual vote starts. This can be discussed in the upcoming DAO call on Sunday.

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Id like to nominate @Arximedis @CryptoPawz @DyNite @Whale_s_Friend @BillysDiscord @BloodBath1 @Butter_Goatit.app @MetaVerse_Explorer @Barndog @Takisoul @Dim_Selk @Continental @Eratosthenis @Durden @natome @Ovenpunch @Speedy @rustandmoth @Tariqstp1 @sultanpeyek.eth

These nominations are primarily based on Discourse activity.


Thanks, @DeanMachine , was waiting for your list :sweat_smile:
I’d also like to add @Favour to the nominees based on Discord activity and overall willingness to help. And in general, having another mod on the list can’t hurt since they know best what our community wants.


We should invlude each subDAO’s council for the main DAO right?

This is for the main DAO only and has nothing to do with the subDAOs. Each subDAO needs to make a separate nomination and subsequent vote.
Any member should also keep in mind whether to accept a DAO Council position if they want to also become a subDAO Council Member in their subDAO since it is additional work.


I regretfully will not be able to participate as a DAO council member.
Thank you to anyone that nominates me.

I feel my time at grape can better be utilized within the CC Subdao.
This is where i would like my primary focus to be either as a cc council member or a minor member, unfortunately I feel switching roles from a subdao to maindao operations would lose the Grape Solana videos of which alot of members do appreciate.

Further, I also feel it’s good to have a separation between subdao leadership and DAO leadership, having a strong, independent but close relationship to the subdao would allow enough room for experimentation but close enough for communication & prioritisation. If most of the subdaos are in the dao or most of the daos are in subdaos… whats the difference between them?

thanks for listening to my ted talk


I think that’s exactly what we’re going for here. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

A member being in two Councils and at the same time filling their subDAO Skill Role could be tricky and would require a lot of extra time. It’s not impossible though, so if people feel that they can do that, why not. But I very much appreciate you acknowledging that you prefer to focus on the CC subDAO.

I’d wish that every member that is active in a subDAO right now would ask themselves this same question and maybe opt to be voted into their subDAO Council first and then see how this is working out before applying for DAO Council Membership. It’s not about capabilities, but about time.


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