[VOTE] DAO Board: 2nd Term 04/2022


17.03. :heavy_minus_sign: 7 days Discourse poll (multiple choice)
24.03. :heavy_minus_sign: 7 days on-chain vote for poll confirmation
01.04. :heavy_minus_sign: 2nd DAO Board term starts :rocket:


The 2nd DAO Board Elections poll closed on March 17th and combined with the results of the application form, 9 DAO Members are eligible and willing to become part of the next DAO Board.
In case you want to interact with the candidates and ask them some questions before you vote, head over to Discord and join channel #:mortar_board:┇board-elections

The DAO Board will be a minimum of 2 but no more than 5 out of these 9 DAO Members:

  • image Angered Bees
  • image Arximedis
  • image avidlearner.sol
  • image CryptoPawz
  • image Dim Selk
  • image DyNite
  • image Takisoul
  • image GoonMachine
  • image Dashworld

0 voters

In case your preferred candidate isn’t listed or you don’t want to cast a vote:
  • Abstain

0 voters

What happens when the vote closes?

  • After the vote closes, the election results will be revealed, voters remain anonymous.
  • Those members with the most votes will be notified (up to 5) and an on-chain vote will be started.
  • The on-chain vote is intended to confirm the Discourse vote. If it fails, a Discussion will be initiated.
  • In case of a tied vote that exceeds the 5 member limit,
    – affected members can relinquish their place, or
    – a run-off vote will be held and the on-chain vote will be postponed accordingly.

Aww jeez, but what if more than 5 look deserving to be on the DAO board :slightly_frowning_face:


Think of it more as a responsibility rather than a privilege :slight_smile:
If someone isn’t on the DAO Board, there are many other ways they can fill an important role in the community, especially in subDAOs.


I have this feeling too, and rn I just feel it’d be better if I step aside to give more worthy members better chances. I see at least 7/9 fit

Members like you are worthy by virtue of the fact that, like the rest of us, we care enough to participate & contribute however we can.

I hope you’ll throw your hat in the ring in the future because we need more members like you.