[Proposal] DAO Board Election

This came up when discussing with Dean about DAO-ness and I wanted to put together a discourse thread to open it up to the giga brains of GRAPE. Also, this is a [part of] a separate discussion thread that will hopefully be started to discuss ’ Proof of Reputation and Soulbound Tokens’ as my current answers are based an a biased understanding of how it might work based on the article here by Dim & Taki: Grape Phase 2.0: Setting a New Paradigm for DAO Incentivization Mechanisms | by Milimalism | Jun, 2022 | Medium

This proposal is to improve/enhance our current Board Election process.
Although I am going to present questions and answers. The primary objective of the proposal is to highlight the questions. Hopefully the community will contribute to enhance and refine the answers.

Q1. Who Qualifies as a candidate as a BOARD member?

Q2. Who Qualifies to vote for a BOARD member? Is the vote proportional to the amount of GRAPE or is it one vote per member?

Q3. What is the quorum of votes need for the BOARD election to be successful?

For the below answers ‘reputation metric’ = net of Soulbound tokens in the valet.

A1. Only DAO members with a GRAPE reputation metric in the top 25% are eligible to be elected to be a board member. We can keep dropping the value by 10% till we have at least x2 candidates for the board positions.

A2. As the first iteration of this new system, anyone with a > 0 reputation metric. My proposal currently is to allow 1 vote per wallet holding a > 0 reputation. Once we have a better sense of how the ‘reputation metric’ evolves, we might want to use a logarithmic formula to derive the votes based on reputation score.

A3. Atleast 25% of all eligible votes need to be cast for the election results to hold. This is to avoid situations of a snap election being held in the absence of members.


Closing this topic as the consensus at the moment seems to be that there will not be a new DAO Board.