[Discussion] Grape Reputation System Update

Hey everyone. We just wanted to give you a quick update on our progress with setting up Lighthouse for our community.

Querying on-chain governance from Realms

Our goal is to collect all of the proposals and votes from Realms to help kickstart the Grape DAO reputation system.

As it turns out, filtering SPL Governance data is not supported by Solana yet, so in the meantime, we came up with a workaround that uses an intermediary caching mechanism. This way we’ll be able to get all historical governance as well as all new participation.

With regards to governance data, we’re able to derive 2 events:

  1. Proposal creation by an associated wallet address,
  2. Voting on a specific proposal with a specific number of tokens by an associated wallet address.

We hope to have a working version available by mid-week next week with an attestation-centric view in Lighthouse.

Next steps

  1. New Lighthouse Demo - We have made a lot of progress since our first demo to Grape a couple months ago. With all the recent discussions about meritocratic governance through NTTs, gamified leaderboards or even membership NFTs, we’d like to show the community how Lighthouse’s features can enable all of these out of the box.

  2. Scoring Governance - Since we’re starting with SPL governance, a simple scoring system that values participation may be a good way to build scores and create the leaderboard. We propose attributing 1 point per vote and n points per proposal creation. These scores can always be updated as we mature but it gives us a basis for valuing participation.

  3. The Lighthouse Proposal - Once we have implemented scores for governance, we can think about automating other contributions in the DAO. However, as this would mark the end of a successful POC, we would like Lighthouse to be an official partner of Grape so we can all work together over the long-term and continue to build together.

We’re excited about what’s possible together. Grape would be one of the first DAOs to ever attempt such a system and if successful, this would set the stage for all DAOs to follow suit.

Let us know what you think. Unfortunately, we’ll be traveling on Sunday so won’t make the DAO call, but we will be present on Tuesday’s call if you’re ok to do an updated demo and chat more then!


This is awesome!

One quick thought about scoring,: can we have the points take into account if the proposal passed? I think this is important to prevent proposal spam


Wanted to share a similar thing!

attributing 1 point per vote and n points per proposal creation PLUS z points for any successful proposal. Points scored per successful proposal should be more than simply posting one.


Yeah definitely. Let’s talk about this on Tuesday’s call. But we can basically score this any way we’d like to. I think this would mean that there would either be 1 attestation when the proposal passes or fails or 2 attestations, 1 when it’s posted and a second if it passes.


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