[DISCUSSION] Candidate Form Submission Review & Process - Selection


Purpose of this topic is to review the 2 Forms for Candidate Submissions.

The importance of the forms is to capture anyone who’s interested in participating in the DAO Board elections. However, there is an opportunity to consolidate all the form submissions for all DAO, subDAO, Board and Council candidates going forward.

1. Form A is a specific form to DAO Board elections Only. ( Link A → ): DAO Board Application Form

2. Form B is a general form for any and All Candidates. ( Link B → ): GRAPE Board/Council Candidate Submission

NOTE: Both can be stylized into a Grape Themed form using TypeForm, so ignore the Typeform & Google links.

Example previews of each form Grape Style

Form A Grape Theme:

Form B Grape Theme:

Candidate Submission Form Selection
  • Form A - DAO Board Only
  • Form B - All Candidates Form

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I’d like to here what other feel about this, but having multiple options on the form is a good option, will users filling out the form know what the structure of the DAO is, before they get to this form.

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Preferably using type form, and trimming the fat a bit more across the board. It could be one unified form and we can use logic to direct people to specific questions relative to what their interests are.

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We might need to redo this vote structure. The form needs to be live before Sunday


I have created my iteration, one that would encapsulate all candidate submissions. with the assumption that if they are filling out this submission they have some idea of what they are looking to do.

Initially, it would be a DAO form…but instead of having them further decide what to join, we would assess what their skills/interests are and then assign/introduce them to a board, council, or subdao they would best fit in at a later point.

The goal was to first capture their attention then proceed from there. Hopefully this at least guides them to areas we want them go as well

Initial Draft, for review:


Ran throught each of the forms, prefered Theme A, but perhaps could filter down from B Theme form to it?

To me makes a lot of sense to have combined candidate forms for all but the Grape Board, would have thought it would make the most sense for some some someone applying to the Grape Board be a part of the DAO/SubDAO’s before going for a Board spot? In which case Grape Board might be the one form I’d keep seperate.

I like it, on Question 9 which DAO/SubDao would you like to apply for should it allow for multiple choices,
e.g. I someone would like to a part of the DAO, and a specific SubDao etc.

This is great and I think it does wonders. Form C - combining A & B

@Takisoul @Dim_Selk - What are your thoughts on this?

It is a great mix of the two alternatives we have presented! Thanks @DyNite, you #copypastecrew machine.

In my personal opinion, however, I am against having one form for all applications for the following reasons:

  1. First and foremost, we should treat the elections as a big event for our community that is supposed to be fun, exciting, degen. I think we limit ourselves by making a generic form (one fits all kind of solution) and downplays the elections as a Grape Event, a chance to celebrate our community and our DAO.

  2. There has not been a need for formal subDAO applications before… The process outlined in the roles guide only requires: a) sharing of talent and potentially b) reaching out to a dedicated point of contact. I do not see an issue in this process. On the contrary, I believe that the current application process flow is super simple and easy to navigate. Adding another form may add unnecessary complexity.
    I also think that the welcoming form is already being used for individuals to express interest in joining a subDAO so that would require extra effort from the applicant’s side to potentially fill in a second form and answer similar questions.

  3. As it relates to councils, I believe we can make some slight changes in the welcoming form and potentially the roles guide to accommodate.

Obviously I am happy to implement what the DAO decides along with @Arximedis! Just felt it was right to present my perspective on this and explain why @Takisoul and I created form A.

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Aye, I am indifferent. Really up for whatever the DAO decides. I agree that a balance must be seen as a big event.

Form C doesn’t need to include the DAO Board as well. and we can take out the sub-DAO aspect. Either way is fine. :slight_smile:


I tend to agree with Dim on this one.

Imho, the DAO Board candidate form should regard only the candidacy.
It should be simple enough to entice all kinds of community members to partake on this, however degen, serious or trollish they want to approach this.

I have immense trust in our community to ask the right questions during their campaigns (which should also be a very fun thing) and evaluate and select the best possible members for our esteemed DAO board.

As for including SubDAO probing questions, I do not think are necessary here. You will not rise as a leader of a SubDAO simply by filling in a form; this should (and is so for) come organically from within each SubDAO.