[Agenda] DAO Call March 6th 2022

Wanted to help suggest a few topics that I think are really important to prioritize in discussion @CryptoPawz

-Gaming Council
-DAO board voting
-On-chain emission proposal
-Roadmap requests process
-NFT marketplace fees/structure


Preliminary agenda for DAO Call: 2022-03-06T13:00:00Z:

  1. New prospects and removals @Dim_Selk | @Arximedis
  2. [DISCUSSION] Candidate Form Submission Review & Process - Selection @Arximedis
  3. Gaming Council @Barndog
  4. [Discussion] Grape’s NFT Dex @DAO-Board
  5. Roadmap @DAO-Board
  6. [VOTE] Create $GRAPE Strategic Fund For Time-Sensitive Allocation @Arximedis
  7. On-chain emission proposal @DeanMachine
  8. Additional DAO Call (different time for US Members) @DeanMachine | @DAO-Board

If there is time:


Id like to also acknowledge the sanctuary team during the call (its 5am for them!)

we should also discuss making a new weekly call that is more favorable for that timezone

id also like to give a quick update on the monkedao proposal/vote that finished


Recap: DAO Board Voting

FORM A has 10 of the 15 votes submitted per - so let’s use FORM A and move forward for now.

Form A:

DAO Board Application Form

Discussions on revamping Forms in general can be a topic discussed or addressed at a later date.


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