[Discussion] Feedback on Proposals and Voting

With this discussion, I’d like to address the topic of our (future) voting processes and what we’ve learned so far from past votes. Please give some feedback. What went well in your eyes? How can we improve? Is communication sufficient? Our next step in terms of organizational structure will be nomination and subsequent votes in our subDAO in order to have our subDAO Boards elected (in accordance with DAO Organizational Updates).

One issue I’d like to discuss is participation. I feel that we need some way to improve on that. It can’t just be visibility, since the vote on the emission cap had a lot of interaction. What is missing?

Due to us moving to on-chain, it’s important that we talk about possible issues and things we can improve on.


Discord is clearly the avenue where we need to access and direct people. Perhaps actually utilizing the Private channel for discord…dont know if its the solution, but could yield results as we progress and figure out an immediate. Emails are already sent out, but it becomes too much when the replies start coming in>
I could start linking proposals/votes to this channel to easy access and tagging as a friendly reminder.

VOTE - Username (who proposed - Title - link to Discourse
Proposal - Username (who proposed)- Title - link to Discourse

Alternatively, could we enact a setting (whoever runs this) to only email the proposal or votes and not every single reply?
(does everyone get emails to topics and replies or is that just me?)

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This avenue has given me the room to also concur that the email alerts on discourse is disturbing in a way. I suggest there should be a setting to turn on/off discourse email notifications.

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For voting, one shouldn’t be allowed to view the number of votes so far before voting. The person should have to vote first in order to see the details on that poll. And once a person votes, it should be locked. i.e. no changes can be done or cannot be reversed.

+1 the emails are annoying
And another +1 to not seeing already tellied votes, this can be enough to sway someone’s views instead of being objective to the bite and end up with a bias to go with the herd

I appreciate the email function and I’m sure they’re people like me who does too. You could always disable the subscription from your end if you don’t like it

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@cavicon1 @Donny_Brasco @Crex_ppp

it appears we can change the settings ourselves. Under preferences


Hahah ok scratch that one off the list


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