[Discussion] Updates to Discord Channels and Permissions

Going to be working on a few changes to channel permissions – if there are some changes you’d like to recommend or need – please add them here and be as SPECIFIC as possible

This is not specific “there are too many notifications”

This is specific “We should set the “NFT Council” channel to read only for Gibbons and messaging permissions for Great ape and above”


Yes those changes are much needed in order to create incentives to those users that reach a certain membership.
This makes tons of sense since grape users will identify more clearly the value of each channel.
Regarding the NFT council i believe the best approach is to allow classes A and B to read the NFT Council but it would be better if they had a different channel just under nft-council where they would freely suggest , ask and interact.
So to sum up:

  1. I believe users A and B should have “read only” access to nft-council channel.
  2. Create a sub-channel where A and B users can write freely to interact as a whole.
    Love yaaa merry xmass

Can we unify GRAPE A, B, C chats into one “GRAPE verified chat”? (or any name)

I think this will reduce clutter in the discord (one long-term goal is to reduce confusion when joining the GRAPE discord) and chat on these channels aren’t yielding anything else than the usual “gm, how is everyone”
Discord roles already tell us who is who and the value comes from access to certain channels, not the A, B, C chat.

I think it would be wise to consolidate them unless someone has an argument for keeping them


Like General Chat for all Members. Not a bad idea!


Would do this definitely.


Also, I was wondering if the #workrequest channel could be reinstated for verified wallets to view and participate in since we’re trying to restructure the scholarship award program. We could merge it so verified wallets would be able to take on the work request along side designers or we create another channel for these people

lets think about this a bit more. we were getting very poor submissions and the scholarship should be about consistent effort over a very long period of time

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Yes. I agree with this

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