Discussion:Remove restrictions on access to international language channels

I recommend removing the permission restrictions for international language channels, any community member should be allowed to access language channels

I don’t think it’s a good idea that member have to hold a certain amount of $grape to access Chinese channels.We have a few bros who don’t hold grape tokens to get membership levels, not because they don’t want to pay for grapes (actually, according to the current price of grapes, this is a small amount of money), because they lost a lot of money in the process of investing in grape tokens (of course, this is DYOR, everyone has a different understanding of the project), they have complicated feelings about grapes, They love the community, love the Chinese channel, but they are also disappointed by the continued downturn of grape tokens, But they are still very active in the Chinese channel, and they have rich experience in NFT investment.The valuable information of our Chinese channel comes from them, and their departure is a loss for the grape community. Of course I understand the grape team.I believe that as the community grows, as the market changes, they will eventually become the holders of the grapes. We should be a more inclusive community

In a bear market, the construction and development of the community is more important. The channel we upgrade access to is a channel that can bring value to grape members of different levels. If the language channel also restricts access, it will not be able to bring new members to the community. because they do not have the most effective way to understand our grape community, only when people from different regions know and understand the value of the grape community by joining their language channels, they can become new grape holders. We should restrict access to some channels with special value, so as to motivate everyone to become the holder of grapes.But we can’t limit everyone to know about our grape community through basic channels.


I like this initiative and think we should put it to onchain vote

Even if none of the Chinese members have enough Grape to make this proposal, I will volunteer to put this proposal myself!


While reading the part “chinese group has experience in NFTs” and followed by “they are also disappointed by the continued downturn of grape tokens” i cant help it but think that didn’t clearly understand the purpose of the token.
Especially when noone has the grape to initialise proposals.
You need to use your NFT experience in order to achieve value by managing resources.
Selling grape to receive the value you seek just minimizes your voting power and the ability to achieve this aforementioned value.
You dont gain value by sellling grape directly (althought you are free to do that).
Make teams, groups, set up squads accounts, set the thresholds and set goals.
There is no easy way.
If we all work with this notion then you will see grape token going boom.
I will vote yes for the proposal!
Much love!

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