Chinese/Indonesian Community Expansion

This is a proposal to allocate GRAPE emissions from Contests to these initiatives aimed at growing our non-english audience and content

As discussed in the DAO meeting on Nov.14, there is a great opportunity to be the first major community and project in those countries. We currently see 13% of our audience is Indonesian (we assume a similar number is Chinese but we cant drill down due to VPN usage)

The goal would be to empower teams running these programs and let them allocate GRAPE as they see fit, focused on growing community, adding more skill roled members, and producing more non-english content and events

For China – it would be Natome, CryptoMama, and MiatheCat
For Indonesia – it would be Rafly, Patt, SultanPeyek, and Probe

This proposal would allocate 200k GRAPE to each group – 400k in total for this epoch – this would decrease the remaining contest allocation to 500k – IMO that is more than enough for contest emissions to continue without issue for the rest of this epoch

  • Yes, lets allocate 400,000 GRAPE for international growth
  • No, lets keep that 400,000 GRAPE for more contest rewards

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I think that’s a great initiative. Focusing on rewarding the people that build will be beneficial in the long run.
Not that I don’t think contests are worthy, but I think that these type of events will mostly only generate attention in the short term because of the appeal of the rewards. There’s still value to that, but on the other hand, people that contribute and build and are rewarded are doing it for the longer term and that’s a different mindset.
Both are important, but longer term, this will be more beneficial for the community. 100% yes!


I think @Ovenpunch is right we have seen it back from the airdrop distribution , core community members being inactive since the drop. I hope people we are choosing are the right ones, and not seasonal folks. Not to mention names, but we have seen people come and go. We have seen people lose activity and focus on other places after getting chunks of reward.


Good point @Ovenpunch and @Tariqstp1.
Noted on that. We’ll try to keep in mind that we don’t want to make an initiative that only attract merely airdrop hunters esp. whom dumping their $GRAPE rewards right away.

From what I can think of we can use that to make a localized content on how to Solana + introduce Grape and to attract talent e.g. Devs or Designers as well.

For every planned and allocated initiatives I think we would like to you guys from the team/crew/dao to review and give us feedback before we executed them.

Might need a specific channel to discuss per regional team.

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@DeanMachine do you have specific success metrics for this?

  • focused on growing community
  • adding more skill roled members (clear enough)
  • producing more non-english content and events

Like what are the expected possible outcome? e.g. “increase in number of verified wallet and so on”.

I expect that we will see

-Increase verified wallets and increased memberships to GRAPE
-More skill role members
-More non-english DAO proposals and non-english discussions
-More non-english content

I dont think there are other metrics to measure.

At the end of the day, we want to see equitable opportunity for everyone in the world to participate and build with GRAPE. We need to put in the effort to make onboarding as frictionless as possible, and that starts with acknowledgement


yes, this exists now for the Chinese community. I think someone will need to do this for the Indonesian one

As always, we dont choose leaders, we give people the respect and trust to build what they want to see :slight_smile:

I like the idea. And what I like more Is that it won’t be airdropped once and people in these communities would actually have to be engaged to win something. This would open up doors to non English speaking individuals who are seeking to get more involved with the grape protocol. We should create an awareness for this so more individuals from these countries could be reached

@DeanMachine On a related note, I’m curious - do we have many Vietnamese users?

Probably around 200 as ive seen them segmented separately before

Ah - very interesting. Thanks.

Quite a different breakdown to what I’ve seen for other protocols. In the ones that I’ve seen, Vietnam & Turkey are much higher.

Could you share what the population size is on those servers? I think we also saw a higher vietnam percentage (along with indonesia and nigeria) when we were a smaller population – its a tangent just curious :slight_smile:

I don’t really know whether this relates but I think its similar so I just need to say it now.

Since there are plans put in place to grow the non-english speaking audience on Grape protocol, there should be people put in place to constantly give these non-english speaking audiences feedbacks or interpretations in their languages on the recent happenings, events, public talks and so on.


I usually just look at where web traffic comes from on

This is Aldrin


Cope image


Hello cavicon1,

We’ve already had a detailed plan for this, and that’s why I asked Dean several days ago for helping us to create new channels and a new ‘Panda Crew’ role: :point_down:

This is a proposal about creating more Chinese discord channels in order to let us work more effectively. Blockchain is a fast-moving industry and I want to get things done as fast as possible. Hence, I also propose to create a ‘Panda Crew’ role on discord to distinguish Chinese members who work intensively and are always on call from regular skill roles. We don’t require any grape emission associated with this new role at this moment, it’s just a role to let us manage our team more easily, which means any Chinese members who want to get ‘salary’ from Grape will still need to pass the requirements of Skill Roles. Most of the work is done in Chinese, that’s why I want to create Channel 2 to let DAO evaluate the work we have done and decide to give whom skill roles.

Our Panda Crew is planning to move from WeChat to Discord since WeChat doesn’t have archive storage. We want to collaborate with Barndog, MetaverseExploror, and other community creators. We also want DAO members to see our workflow and how the budget is used.

Please help me to create these 4 channels on Grape discord. You may see in some channels I write ‘only I can post in this channel’ and it’s kinda centralized because currently, we don’t have many active Chinese members who are also willing to take responsibilities and do intense work. In the future, the ‘only I can post’ part can be substituted with something else once we have more people in charge.

Channel 1:

  • to summarize community events that have ended, team members’ individual contributions, things we can improve in the next version.
  • content will be in English.

Channel 2:

  • a place for our Chinese crew to have work discussions (including potential partnerships), work closely with each other. I’ll also discuss our short-term and long-term marketing strategies with others in this channel. We will set short-term goals on a weekly basis.
  • contents posted will mostly be in Chinese

Channel 3:

  • a Chinese version of #work-request
  • I’ll post work requests here if our Panda Crew need some extra help from other Chinese community members
  • contents posted will be in Chinese
  • Only I can post in this channel
  • visible to every Chinese member

Channel 4:

  • a Chinese version of #jungle-work, active community members will join the Panda Crew
  • every Chinese community member can see and post in this channel

All these channels have been operating for a while and are visible for Crew and Team.


in case if you guys want to know a bit more about our background and related experience, you can check here Discord

I very much support the idea and it also totally makes sense to me to have additional roles for different languages. Right now, most of our Discord activity is catered to the English speaking community, which is totally fine but if we want to support other languages, we also need to address additional sub-structures.

For me it is highly important though, that we commit on a common language for organizational purposes. This also means, that if there are DAO proposals from other sub-structures later down the road, they need to be translated or at least there needs to be a rough abstract.
I mention this now, because otherwise this could become an issue, especially when it comes to participation.

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This is a great step and the natural evolution of the community.