[Discussion] Undefined Surprise Emission - Community Focused Participation

It would be amazing if we could give more GRAPE specifically to people that have voted on Realms and have tested the DEX marketplace

Problem with announcing this ahead of time means lots of people will do it only for the reward, making it harder to identify the members who are paying attention to the core focuses and goals of our community

I propose we earmark an amount every emission for “community focused participation”. We would identify which activities are eligible for this emission throughout the epoch and at the end of the epoch, announce the reward process

Why do it like this? To prevent gaming and help us better align the emission with the core focuses of Grape

Some other good examples of “community focused participation”

-The skill contests
-New member buddy system
-subDAO tokens

These are examples of things that we could reward after the fact, giving more governance power specifically to the most engaged members of the community. This model feels very win/win, even for the members that are not very active, as it gives more of the power directly to people who have taken action and are focused

For this next epoch, i would propose we set this to 250,000 Grape and decisions around the actions weighting would go to the DAO board.


I like this idea. I know you have spoken about this before but I think a surprise emission for non-crew/non-mod members who have been active in the discord and in the community should also be added to this list.


I agree with this addition, non-crew/non-mod


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