Emissions for Epoch #2


The goal of our monthly emissions is to distribute GRAPE in a wide and fair fashion. Our community runs on merit, so the bulk of our emissions are given as a result of “skilled activity” or “proof of social work”.

The earliest emissions are the most critical while the circulating supply is still in its infancy. As the tokenomics are aimed at lasting for 10 years, the first 1 month on this journey has a large impact

This proposal is geared towards finding the best balance across all of our goals – wide distribution, merit based, and empowering.


Membership emission: the total amount of membership emissions where gibbons receive 10, great apes 50, and gorillas 200 = 100,000

Member awards proposed by Gintonik = 100,000

Gaming/Creative contests: last month these were set to 1.5million. This is reduced because they were too high = 1,000,000

Partner Server Awards: emissions to distribute to other servers = 200,000

Scholarships: this epoch we saw multiple Gibbon/Great Ape users with high levels of contributions. It would be a goal to grow our classes with these users = 200,000

Skill Roles

|Community Creator|250,000|
|Region Manager|50,000|
|Voice Actor|5,000|

subDAO Budgets:
|Community Creator|125,000|

Highest Possible Grape Total in Proposal: 4,330,180*

*This total is dependant on multiple factors. This is the highest possible using this plan.

The extra GRAPE can be added to the existing 300,000 - leaving 1,000,000 for the DAO to allocate throughout the month of November on initiatives that come up.

If the CEX listing Proposal is accepted, I would propose this same plan and reduce Contests, Scholarships and Sunday budgets to accommodate

Additional Proposals - these are separate from the overall plan above and work without any modification. The Total GRAPE emission for this epoch would only be lower, not higher, if these additional choices were passed.

Maximum Grape Emission per User set to 30,000 GRAPE. The rationale is to have a wider distribution

Distribute Skill Roles Emission equally amongst the subDAOs members. It is the responsibility of each subDAO to be self-policing and remove members to promote quality and fairness. This also will dramatically decrease the amount of work needed to measure fairness (something we will be building tools to do easier over the next 6 months). Focusing our energy on building instead of measuring contribution.

  • There should be a 30,000 GRAPE cap per member this month
  • There should be no cap of emissions per member this month

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  • Skill Role emissions should be divided equally by subDAO members
  • Skill Role emissions should be divided as each subDAO votes

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  • Accept the emission plan for Epoch#2
  • Reject the emission plan for Epoch#2

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Thank you. This plan is super clear and fair in my opinion. The only thing I would potentially increase is scholarships to 400K. I am a strong proponent of the idea of scholarships. Bringing over people that have stood out in the community and increasing DAO diversity is going to be extremely beneficial.

The decrease in expected emissions that follow from this plan addresses the question of inflation which I also believe is super relevant in these initial months.


1,844,500 Grape will be released for Skill Roles and Grape Awards for this Epoch