April's Epoch DAO Emissions - CopyPastaCrew

To get some traction going on emissions and reward active participants within GRAPE.
A primary goal is also to distribute voting power to these individuals making choices within GRAPE during this time as well.

The focus of this is DAO-centric.
The state of sub-daos and its emissions is still very much in limbo.
These members still need to rewarded, but this aims to tackle DAO incentivization and to make sure GRAPE DAOiness is preserved. :grapes:

Google Doc of information.

1. Metric 3 will be voted among us. (as seen in the google doc above)

These are people we have identified as members who have provided value that is not adequately recognized by the DAO core roles. (choose up to 10)
  • GodsLove
  • Pontes
  • CryptoPawz
  • RiderinRed
  • Riptyde
  • Avidlearner
  • Billy
  • Dean
  • Takisoul
  • Kirk
  • Whales
  • Arximedis
  • DyNite
  • Jahris

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If there is something overlooked or missing, please mention it below.