April/May DAO Emissions -CopyPastaCrew with a dash of Taki

In the final proposal from the DAO Board attempting to tackle the previous 2 emissions.
Dim, Taki, and I have put forth what we think are fair rewards for DOA and certain individuals that bring value to the community and ideally something to build off as we attempt to enter this next phase of GRAPE.

In order to receive emissions,
-Members need to hold their $GRAPE in realms to obtain Class Membership for the entire month
As outlined here: Membership change

See April and May Emissions Click here: GOOGLE SHEEEEET

Note1: “Metrics explained”

Criteria1: DAO Board-Core Role

Criteria2: DAO-related activity (and/or) Community value through skill role

Criteria3: DAO exception member (voted on by DAO members on Discourse)

  • C3: April already voted (see here)
  • C3: Top 10 get an extra 10,000 GRAPE
  • C3: May voting happening below

Note2: “Worthy of mention”

  1. DAO BOARD isn’t getting anything extra

  2. This proposal was DAO-centric, any community member is free to bring a proposal forward for their sub-day if they so choose.

  3. NEW:
    For May Emissions ONLY,
    Those individuals who were selected or placed in “Criteria 1” will have the option to take 50/50, GRAPE/USDC.
    So you would be able to take half GRAPE and half USDC,
    BUUUUUT you would need to KYG (know your grape) sometimes referred to KYC to be able to do this.
    If you wish to go this route, please say so in the comments.

1. Metric 3 will be voted among us. (as seen in the google doc above)
  • GodsLoveDAO
  • Pontes
  • CryptoPaws
  • RiderinRed
  • RipTyde
  • Billy
  • Dean
  • Taki
  • DyNite
  • Kirk
  • Legend
  • Jahris
  • Dim
  • Arximedis

0 voters

P.S. thanks to the Mexican snack for the help with emissions yesterday.


I am in favor of it.
thank you for the work.


Muy Caliente! Looks good to me.


I wish to go the 50/50 route, I think it generally reduces selling pressure on Grape.

Also I like that your meme skills is getting really good.


Emissions have been scheduled to be streamed later today!

Some of you might notice some differences in the amounts you were expecting. This is because I understand you have requested to be partly paid in USDC.
This will require KYC to the DAO and also , please make sure you explicitly request for this publicly, like dear @Avidlearner did above.
Thank you.