Adding and removing NFT Council members

As discussed during today’s DAO call, the aim of this post is to serve as a central discussion point as the DAO seeks to add and remove NFT Council members. At one point the NFT Council was an active area of the Grape discord where members of the NFT Council were meeting weekly to discuss making trades to ultimately increase the Grape DAO treasury. Unfortunately, the NFT Council is now no longer active.

This discourse and the subsequent proposal aims to transfer ownership of the squads wallet (Squads) to the following members:

Kirk, Nanko, DyNite, Cryptopawz, Billy, and Coffeeattack + any other Grape members who are credible and answer the current open call within the #nft-chat. We would also remove inactive members (full list to be determined).

The immediate aim is to secure the current wallet with active members of the Grape community while the DAO decides what to do with the assets. There is a lot of exciting momentum towards a grander vision and to get a better sense of what that might be, I would suggest listening to the DAO calls.


Thank you for taking the initiative @CoffeeAttack to re-organize the NFT council and add active Grape members to the existing Squad.

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