[Agenda] DAO Call - Jan 30th 2022

Preliminary agenda for DAO Call: 2022-01-30T13:00:00Z:

  1. New prospects and removals @Arximedis | @Dim_Selk
  2. [Discussion] Proposal to sell large allocation of Grape from community emissions @DeanMachine
  3. [Discussion] Storing Metadata on Transactions @DeanMachine
  4. [Discussion] Grape and its subDAOs/DAO - structure, organization, management @CryptoPawz
  5. January Emission- Questions, comments and suggestions & January Emissions -Rough Draft - Speak now or forever hold your piece @DyNite | @Dim_Selk
  6. For Grape Protocol to invest in Photo Finish 2 NFTs (update) @Barndog | @CoffeeAttack
  7. Sovana/MessageParty WL spots & Giveaway-channels @Board

If there is time:

  • Anonymous Discourse Comments
  • YAKU Corp

Please feel free and add the topics that you want to address!


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