[Discussion] Storing Metadata on Transactions

This is a discussion for developing a tool that will allow DAOs to label transactions from their Treasury wallets, allowing for easier organization

What fields would help store/retrieve this kind of data?

ie – store who it is from, why they sent it, which subDAO is it related to, and who they were working with on Grape’s side


This was an idea that arose from a discussion where we were seeking to address a challenge, and reviewed a few options. Would love to see other people’s inputs on the following proposed inputs:

Purpose: Track transactions in a secure & organized manner.

Proposed Fields for Selection & On-Chain:

  • Currency (For instance; Bare minimum requirements = GRAPE, SOL & USDC )
  • Types
    • AMA
    • Content
    • Development
    • Events
    • Moderation
    • Organization
    • Partnership
    • Tools
  • Sender/Community Name Sender
  • Contribution Reason List of cataloged Events, Products or Services Names

Future - Types & Reason:


    • Retained Emission
    • Recurring Residual
    • Treasury Funding
    • Inter-DAO
    • DAO to DAO
    • DAO to subDAO
    • subDAO to DAO

List of cataloged DAO, subDAO or Initiative Names


From a more basic stand point i’d expect many DAO’s would be buying and selling NFT’s/Tokens, much like Grapes own NFT council subdao.
So being able to label Minting, Pruchase, Sale and Listing transactions with Collection/Token - Price/Currency - Market Place could be a very basic use case that many DAO’s might find useful

Here are examples from 3rd party tool from Solluminati looking at the Grape treasury wallet where they’ve hard coded Transcation types but don’t have anything along the lines of users being able to edit and labeling transactions as they see fit


I do agree on this, as it provides detailed transparency and organization, the data can be used as a reference or as a way to study the behaviour of the community.
Hope I got this point right.


I wonder who would be the intended audience. Would it be for internal DAO organization/productivity? Or more for assisting transparency and audit functions?

A bit of both? Mostly going to be for DAO admin work

This is what @kirk created so far – would love your input!



Looks great! :heart_eyes:

Being able to properly track contributions in this way is really helpful and should save a lot of time trying to figure out who gave what…


Looks awesome!

I think one thing to keep in mind is that this stuff is immutable so if someone makes a mistake on the info, it will need to be tracked offchain in perpetuity. So maybe all fields should be selectable rather than entered in manually?


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