For Grape Protocol to invest in Photo Finish 2 NFTs

1. Proposal Purpose:

For Grape Protocol to invest in Photo Finish 2 NFTs.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:


  • [Summarize the principles of the proposal and briefly outline the procedures to be used to implement it. If applicable, outline the duration and/or frequency of the proposed action]

Photo Finish 2 roadmap: Dropbox - Photo Finish 2 Roadmap.pdf - Simplify your life

Photo Finish 2 (PF2) is horse racing simulator game that will be coming out to Solana in 2022. Third Time Inc., the team behind PF2, have successfully launched 2 previous horse games (Photo Finish 1 and Horse Racing Simulator) on mobile phones. Photo Finish 2 intends to be a true horse racing simulator to Solana with entire horse racing seasons and the ability to race and breed your horses. With the success of Zed Run, Photo Finish 2 has the potential to become a real competitor in the space. For more information, please check the roadmap above.

Grape Protocol has the opportunity to invest in one of the potentially hottest NFT games in the Solana space while providing extra membership benefits, enhanced Grape branding opportunities, and even the ability to maybe make profit.

There are 3 options available:

Option 1:

Grape gives the go ahead with a 100 SOL max budget plan to secure 2 S tier horses (Gen0’s) with a separate gene pool for the game. There are a few ways to do that:

-Secure breeding rights to the #4 Stud: Dean personally knows the owner that there has been talk of allowing his horse to be bred by a Grape owned Fine Fillies. If given the green light, Grape would buy 1-2 fillies to yield S tier horse(s). The second part of the plan is to buy a mid-tier Stud/Filly combination for the best price possible to get another S tier horse. Owning at least 2 S tier horses from different gene pools will beneficial for the game as we could use them to breed right away, and sell off the bred horses for profit straight away. We could use some of the output to retain for racing and content purposes.

-If there are remaining funds, there could be consideration of sweeping the Stud floor so Grape could attain more $CROWN airdrops.

-Another benefit of owning between 2-4 Stylish Studs and Fine Fillies is the possibility for Grape to secure regular airdrops of $CROWN, PF2’s governance coin. This would bring in additional passive income to Grape and/or the ability to save these tokens and cash them in order to license a racetrack with Grape branding. This plan might require additional funding down the road but if the game is successful, having a Grape branded racetrack can be a major branding opportunity.
-If Grape owned a solid mid-tier Stud, we could offer breeding rights to it by Grape tiered members, giving additional membership benefits to the community.

Option 2: Syndicate idea by Barndog

The idea is to take the idea above but instead ask Grape for 50 SOL and invite 5-15 Grape tiered members for 10 SOL each to bring the total budget be between 100-200 SOL. The stable would be actively managed by Barndog where each member of the syndicate will get paid out potential profits on a timely basis (most likely monthly).

If we get 100 SOL budget then the plan would be exactly the same as above. If the budget is 150-200 SOL then we can actively consider adding another 1-2 stud/filly pairing to yield another S tier horse, or buy higher tiered horses. Under a syndicate plan, the additional funds secured above and beyond option 1 can be decided by the Grape gaming council and the syndicate members.

An additional idea is to allow anyone who buys into the syndicate membership the ability to breed with any stud owned within the syndicate once for free. Grape tiered members not in the syndicate can request to breed with one of the studs, but would have to pay the syndicate a 5 SOL fee.

Option 3: Sweep the Stud Floor and secure one S tier horse from the #4 stud

A cheaper option is to allow the NFT council/Gaming council to sweep the stud floor (current floor: 2.47 SOL), and buy 1 filly to breed with the #4 stud (subject to approval of the owner). This plan would allow Grape to generate $CROWN airdrops which could be sold for SOL or save up to license a PF2 racetrack.

3. Stakeholders


NFT council and the gaming council.

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:


Option 1 budget: 100 SOL

The goal is to secure 2 S tier horses (Gen0’s) to use in the Photo Finish 2 game. Why S tier? Because S tiers will be the most prized horses in Photo Finish 2 and they would have the highest ability to win races, and breed the best horses and re-sell at the highest premium price. If the #4 stud is not available for breeding then we can try to find another mid-priced study/filly combo for another S tier combination, or we get permission from another member to breed one of their better studs so we can secure Grape an additional Gen0 (preferably S tier) horse for the game. Another idea is to sweep the stud floor to secure more $CROWN airdrops.

Giving this proposal a 100 SOL budget gives the flexibility for those in charge of actually buying the NFTs to find the best deals as possible on the market. The Stylish Studs and Fine Fillies NFT market is dynamic and prices fluctuate. If the team in charge can find 2 studs and 2 fillies at a lower price than 100 SOL, then the excess funds would be returned to the Grape treasury.

Option 2 budget: 50 SOL for Grape and an additional 50-150 SOL from Grape members.

A similar plan to option 1 but with more added financial flexibility to do more moves: more stud/filly buys, more floor sweeps, or buying higher tier horses. By increasing the number of stakeholders, there will be more members with a financial interest for Grape’s photo finish 2 plan to succeed.

Option 3 budget: 20 SOL

Buying a filly to yield an S tier horse can cost anywhere between 8-11 SOL. The rest of the balance will be used to sweep the stud floor. If the #4 stud is not available for breeding, then the full budget will be either be used to sweep the stud floor or we get permission from another member to breed one of their better studs so we can secure Grape a Gen0 ( S tier) horse for the game.


I love it. I’m keen, would love for us to make a move as a DAO here and make this happen.

I’ve suggested the Syndicate option for a multitude of reasons, and the main one is that with 10-15 additional with some skin in the game, it will make it alot more interesting for everyone involved, and actually more keen to keep up with the information, turn up to events where we race the horses and enjoy it.

I think if we just allocated 100 SOL from the treasure alone, you will cause more of a divide of people just keen to utilyze the funds in other DEFI type things, or just FUD the events, I want this to be a team spirited adventure into Solana Gaming, more than happy to invest my own money, I have something like 30-40 SOL in the game already, CoffeeAttack has near 100 SOL in his own horses, so I am by no means an expert in the game, but will work hard to make it work under the direction of the Gaming Council which we are starting to kick into gear.

We can have a heavy discussion on this in the following week, hence no vote being attached to it. The Suites we will have one of the special 68 for Grape, and future I’d love to get a racetrack for Grape. 200 SOL means we can get in and actually have some big horses for the future of the game.

Photo Finish has a great team, and I’m keen AF to see how it grows out the space this year, I think there’s gonna be huge money in it, as it’ll be one of the earlier adoptable games of the year, Apes like to gamble on things, Horse Racing will be one of those.


I think its a great idea. I’ve been thinking of getting into this project myself, but I like the idea even more of option 2 using my sol to do it together with other grapes.


Great work to you both. :ok_hand: I think this is a great idea on the gaming front and also like the element of having it as a team / membership investment. I want to be part of it and some form of Option #2 is my favourite. Of course we need to stress the NFA point on that (for anyone that joins).

It also may be worth considering “baking” in some strategies where by members down the road can get in on the fun too if they want. Not sure how that would work though.

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I’ve been wanting to get into this game and the syndicate sounds ideal. I favour option #2. I think it could be a lot of fun to work on this as a group. I’m bullish on these horse racing games (did ok with DERACE last year). They make a lot of sense to me. Thank you CoffeeAttack and Barndog for putting this together.


Super nice written and super nice presented on the DAO call earlier today, BIG FUN of the syndicate option and count me in for that!


Would be down for a syndicate position, but I would most likely be unable to offer time into it. If that isn’t a big deal, maybe I can join in. :slight_smile:


Yes, in essence we can do NFTs for you share in the Syndicate - do a minimum lockup of investment in syndicate, but allow people to sell their NFT and share, royalties to the syndicate wallet. Adds another revenue stream as well, and ppl can exit any time if they have a buyer, or Grape could even buy into it more through DAO decisions (NFT Council)


This is 100% an option, the idea is the DAO has a Gaming Council to run events and things exactly like this, so ppl are in effect silent investors in the syndicate if that’s their choice, or they can join the Gaming Council, but as an investor - you’re still gonna keen some form of information at hand for it, so more eyes and suggestions to help make it successful


Amazing! So excited about this as I think it adds a lot of value to have it open to new members in the future. Of course I want to be a founding member… :heart_eyes:

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Great proposal Guys , i think option 2 will be the better way to go and may open up more options than the others.

Excellent initiative and I think I am leaning towards option no2.

More people involved, more flexibility and more hype around Grape for this, since Grape members can always come and go, helping the Syndicate evolve and grow.

For those that are keen, please find the thread in the #Solana-gaming channel and vote a preferrance, I’l chatting with CoffeeAttack today to find a mutually beneficial time to do a stage call thursday to discuss and strategize some of it

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Off votes alone for what we have, plus knowing some ppl have said they want to put in, but haven’t voted, we can easily raise 200 SOL from our members for the Syndicate, we can get from 30-100 SOL from Grape, and we have spoken with the owner of our big boy stud. SO we can absolutely move forward with any form of this proposal, realistically I’m seeing the most positivity from the Syndicate, I think most people agree on some of the points about having more people with skin in the game, more hype, more events possible by doing so.

In saying this, you only need to check twitter, discords, and Sutd/Fillies sales, we don’t want to delay this too long.

excellent, what is the next action that can be done now?

Feels like it would be nice to offer the option of 5,10 and 20 SOL to join the syndicate (if it wouldn’t convolute the process too much) to be more inclusive.

Maybe create a proposal, asking 50 from GRAPE, then poll on here who would want to contribute SOL giving 2-3 options (as well as ‘not participating’ option)


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I have the Vote in the PF2 Thread atm.

Because we have the tooling, paying out ppl with a 5 SOL stake is possible I think, I’d love to make it a more inclusive styled event - multiple thoughts on that, if someone has 5 SOL only to put in, does that mean they are going to be more inclined to want to remove it early, whereas someone willing to risk 10-20 may likely have a different risk factor.

But these are discussions I’d love to have live on stage, we have already discussed having a minimum lock up period of 3-6 months, and event discussed having something like an NFT for asset ownership, or tokens, fractionalized tokens, there’s heaps of options we could do, and still give ppl a chance to trade out their position in the Syndicate

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If this goes this syndicate route, does it really need to be a proposal? Seems like if there is enough interest you can just get those people together.

It would be ideal if there were smart contracts available to make it trustless so barndog or some other intermediary doesn’t have to be trusted. Not that I wouldn’t trust @Barndog :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe there’s something out there that does this? Or maybe if a large enough syndicate is put together the photofinish team can be compelled to implement something for the syndicate to beta test?


I went through this trouble so that Grape can enter into a new venture, a metaverse/NFT gaming play, as a proof of concept where Grape can invest in a project which can create brand awareness, bond the community more closely, and ultimately maybe making a profit.


Dean has shown us some possible options - can discuss those tonight - 100% Grape keeping ownership of the Assets is the aim here, and as for making it a proposal, if we got 100 SOL from Grape Vault for Solana Gaming - I think it would be good to just go 50 SOL from Grape for this Photo Finish venture for pretty much your reasoning, we have enough interest to do a Syndicate by itself. I’d like to make sure we dont put all of Grapes eggs in one basket, and have some room to move on other games after the Syndicate, a 50 SOL start in a game if we do 300 SOL or something total is still pretty awesome a feat, and ties us into The Suites, and buying a Grape Track later on.

But what that does is actually make Grape own assets within it, and that ties us all in - maybe down the track someone might wanna sell their portion, maybe we get Grape the first options in that.

It’s a good way of making Grape the main asset holder and a higher % and in effect our DAO some kind of voting right within the Syndicate.