[Agenda] DAO Call - Feb 6th 2022

Preliminary agenda for DAO Call: 2022-02-06T13:00:00Z:

  1. New prospects and removals @Dim_Selk | @Arximedis
  2. January Emission v1 - Provide Feedback @DyNite | @Dim_Selk
  3. Grapevine @DAO-Board
  4. subDAO tokens & Bonding Curves @DeanMachine
  5. Live testing Grape marketplace @DAO-Board
  6. subDAO ⟷ DAO Call (no date yet😢)@DAO-Board
  7. subDAO Board (Content) - Candidates Nomination @DAO-Board
  8. [Discussion] Grape and its subDAOs/DAO - structure, organization, management @CryptoPawz

If there is time:

Please feel free and add the topics that you want to address!


would like to also discuss subDAO tokens