[PROPOSAL] GRAPE Rewards Incentives Pool (GRIP): Define Allocations AND Start Work Perform Pool

1. Proposal Purpose:

A.) PURPOSE: Grow GRAPE DAO and Community participation via incentives.

i. Define GRAPE Rewards Incentives Pools to allocate portions of the Total GRAPE Supply available to each initiative the DAO defines as key to the DAO & community. Each Month, 8,930,535 GRAPE is allocated to 8 Pools, each with a defined percentage. DAO Pools (1A, 1B & 1C are already approved by the DAO via proposals and votes).

ii. Define GRAPE allocations percentages to simplify discussions related to rewarding participants with GRAPE, ensure DAO robustness, and enable simplified future DAO conversations for existing and new participants alike.

iii. Define and Implement the WORK PERFORM POOL with Defined Tasks discussed, reviewed and accepted by the DAO to open up voluntary participation of “operators” within the DAO and/or Community. WORK PERFORM POOL has been codified into an objective RUBRIC scoring system, defined herein.

B.) CURRENT GOAL: Approve WORK PERFORM POOL and Define GRIPs Allocations

i. Set clear expectations and transparency about the amounts of GRAPE, the logic to distribute, and decisioning to support Grape Strategic Initiatives for ALL existing or new DAO and Community Members awareness.

ii. Define $GRAPE rewards for WORK a.k.a. Tasks that are recurring and require validation to ensure achieving GRAPE rewards. Future proposals will be submitted for the remaining Pools utilization, like Merit, Agility, and Bounty.

iii. This Proposal is to solidify the overall allocations and WORK POOL. Original formal discussion was proposed in March 2022. Since then many discussions and a few proposals have successfully been implemented to reward DAO Governance Participation rewards. So, this proposal is to ensure future allocations are defined for the 3 existing DAO rewards pools and remaining 3 pools in planning to define rules, but generally agreed upon per months of DAO Calls.


Please see the supporting documentation, proposal & voting details below and this Google Sheet

GRAPE REWARDS INCENTIVES POOLS (GRIP) v2: Define Allocations & Work Perform Pool - GoogleSheet

NOTE: Snapshots and diagrams attached within this proposal summarize the details in the sheet.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:


  1. Rewards Pools are a broad allocation schema to define the amounts of GRAPE available via the GRAPE Realms DAO Treasury for each Initiative, or to each Individual.
  2. Pools are divided into portioned percentages to ensure enough GRAPE is available to reward specific actions, like DAO rewards, and for the purpose of this proposal: WORK PERFOR POOL.
  3. Eligibility for rewards is defined per Pool, but should follow some general guidelines i.e. Activity & Holder/Stake consistency over time are a potential added criterion for receiving rewards.
  4. Pool “rules” and amounts can be changed by a valid successful Community DAO Vote.
  5. Incentives are initiatives that GRAPE DAO Defines as Activity, Building, Community, Design, Education, or Value (ABCDEV)

B. Overview

  • Define GRAPE Rewards Incentives Pools as a template for future discussions.
  • Rewards require contributions & participation in GRAPE DAO confirmed initiatives or tasks.
  • Rewards model must incentivize promoting healthy participation, not be prohibitive or predatory.
  • Various DAOs have implemented various models, many of which have failed. This is a foundational step to avoid distractions and ensure focus.
  • WORK PERFORM POOL has been codified into a RUBRIC which has each Task scored based on 5 criteria. Tasks are defined to ensure individual operators can volunteer for tasks individually, as a team, and be held accountable by the DAO or Quality Quorum tasked with verifying tasks are completed & rewarded.


  1. Task Type
  2. Urgency (I.e. Priority)
  3. Production Time (i.e. TTL)
  4. Quality (I.e. Output Expected)
  5. Complexity (I.e. Input Skill)



[Special Thanks to CryptoPawz and RiderInRed for contributing to the ideation phases and development of this methodology]

C. Eligibility Criteria:

  • i. Participation will typically reviewed in “monthly” time frames and rewarded post-period.
  • ii. Eligibility is subject to each member holding/committing at least 50% of the rewarded $GRAPE amount balance to GRAPE REALMS DAO to receive future rewards.
  • iii. Eligible Grape Members will receive rewards within the following Epoch/Month/Period, after the prior Month ends.
  • iv. More Details Defined inline

D. Multi-sig Approval/Management, Review, Distribution, & Execution:

  • i. Rewards confirmations will be published with insights regarding the criteria, successful work evidence or validation.
  • ii. A unique Governance in Realms with a unique account/wallet per pool will be established to track the allocations from the DAO to Pools, and, from the Pools to Participants. DAO will transfer GRAPE to the Realms Pool Account every 3 Months (i.e. Quarterly).
  • iii. A group of DAO members entrusted with allocating and validating the Grape will ensure this process is maintained. NO single member will receive rewards to distribute.
  • iv. Distribution of rewards will be evaluated and confirmed each month/epoch/period, and each Quarter the DAO will review if % allocations are appropriate.

3. Stakeholders

  • WORK Perform Task “Operators” are volunteers who actively sign-up to own tasks and successfully complete per descriptions defined in the attached spreadsheet.
  • Quality Quorum + DAO Approves & Verifies Eligible Recipients using logic defined within this proposal documentation and attachments.
  • GRAPE DAO & Community Members: Existing, New, and, Future.

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

GRIP % Pool Allocations Defined & Aligned per Initiative



Grape Rewards Incentives Pools Recap:

  • Rewards pool for each Initiative can not exceed the % amounts defined per this Vote (Unless otherwise altered by future successful DAO Vote). This rule applies to ALL DAO Rewards Incentives Pools.
  • Potential Key Metrics to Defining Reward Pool Sizes
    – Total Supply of $GRAPE available to GRAPE Community: 8,930,535 GRAPE per Month/Epoch/Period.
    – WORK PERFORM POOL: DAO will transfer of 10,467,477 per Quarter a.k.a. every 3 Months/Epochs/Periods to GRIP Realms Governance Account/Wallet.
    – Total Estimated GRAPE Supply Available: 768,026,000
    – Work, Tasks, Rubric Scores, and Completion Defined, Measured & Quality Assured



Title: GRAPE Incentives Pools v2 (GRIP 2)
Authors: @Arximedis
Contributors/Feedback: *Grape DAO Members -* Billy, CryptoPawz, RiderInRed, Dynite, CoffeeAttack, Kirk,RipTyde)
Created: 2022-10-14
Updated: 2023-10-08
Stage: Proposal
Discussions-To: https://dao.grapenetwork.org/t/proposal-grape-rewards-incentives-pools-v2-gripv2/1259
Category: "Governance", "Governance Logic",  "Incentive Parameters", "Governance Rewards", "Governance Reputation"
Implementations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Sn6oU8W8qIrTN9ZO1jqUM0fkCVbpxQwmjFHfWTBL_OA/edit
Audits: TBD


References (Inspirations):

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