[PROPOSAL] GRIP Graperator Performance Emission | November 2023

1. Proposal Purpose:

Purpose: Execute GRIP Graperators Work Perform Level Emission(s)
Date Range: November 2023
Goal: Ensure a sustainable, healthy, productive, and secure DAO and Community by reciprocating value to contributors that voluntarily committed themselves to perform work in the form of utility/governance weight. $GRAPE enables recipients to participate in GRAPE DAO Governance on-chain by potentially achieving the minimum required weight for proposal creation thresholds and distributes voting power based on the merit of individual productivity, over time to secure the DAO, Treasury, Products, or other current, or future, utility or governance defined usecases.

Genesis Proposal: Successful DAO Voted Grape Rewards Incentives Pool (GRIP) Proposal [Governance.so Proposal Passed] + [Initiated on Discourse]

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

Graperators are Grape members who volunteered to perform tasks that the Grape DAO planned, debated, and accepted as the initial set of key duties needed to support initiatives and ensure a productive merit-based Grape DAO and Community. Tasks and rewards are subject to future DAO review, proposal, vote, addition, change, or deprecation.


Graperators, Tasks, Performance Levels, and Rewards are documented in this spreadsheet snapshot:

(IN PROGRESS) GRIPv2 Emissions Templates - Google Sheets

TABLE A: Graperator Task List, ID & Total Pool/Allocation


3. Stakeholders

Graperators for Nov 2023 epoch

Graperators & Tasks referenced in Table C (Screenshot) below

  1. Table C depicts a snapshot of the relative scores allocated to work performed, accomplished, evaluated, and tasks completed throughout November.
  2. Perform Levels are scores ranked by Levels, which translate to a Percentage of the emission allocated and/or split by N Graperators.
  3. Each Task is pre-defined by the DAO on a monthly/quarterly basis, and the DAO proposed & approved Task Allocation or Pool in $GRAPE that is allocated to reward the individual(s) who participate to complete the Task.
  4. When a Task is performed by a Graperator, the full Task Allocation is available to that individual, and the Total Reward is defined by the Perform Level Percentage %. [See > Example 4a]
  5. If a Task was undertaken by more than 1 Graperator, which can be due to being defined as Team Task, the inability for the initial Graperator to perform the Task for the entire epoch, or, a Task requiring more Graperators to have the Allocation converted to a Pool to be reviewed, the Task Pool is divided by the N Graperators, and the Remaining Rewards are reallocated to any Graperators who achieved Level 3 (100%) performance. [See > Example 5a-d]
Example 4a

– I.e.4a GTASK01 Task Allocation = 100,000 $GRAPE x Graperator A Level 2 (66%) = 66,000 $GRAPE

Example 5a

– I.e.5a Assume 5 Graperators undertook GTASK06 with Task Allocation = 100,000 $GRAPE divided by 5 Graperators = 20,000 $GRAPE per Graperator. If all Graperators perform Level 3 (100%), all Graperators received 20,000.
– I.e.5b Alternatively, Graperator B GTASK06 Perform Level 2 (66%) x 20,000 = 13,200 Rewarded = 6,800 Remaining.
– I.e.5c Assume other Graperators performed at Level 2 (66%) or below, resulting in 40,400 unallocated task pool emissions remaining, which is again divided by Total Graperators, but only Level 3 (100%) Graperators will be eligible to receive the bonus = 40,400 / 5 = 8,080 $GRAPE
– I.e.5d = Graperator C GTASK06 Perform Level 2 (100%) x 20,000 = 20,000 Rewarded + 8,080 Remaining for exceptional performance among peers = 28,080




4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

TABLE D: Final & Total $GRAPE Rewards + Productivity Allocated

TOTAL POOL 3,489,159

TABLE E: Final Rewards $GRAPE Emission + Wallet Address (CONFIRM!)

WALLET ADDRESS & FINAL REWARDS in $GRAPE to paste into Governance.so

Billy FDw92PNX4FtibvkDm7nd5XJUAg6ChTcVqMaFmG7kQ9JP 418,699
CoffeeAttack 6W4mspuuDvGok2dVZYkLQJxFAGzceKmfHRUTURjnii9B 242,300
kirk KirkNf6VGMgc8dcbp5Zx3EKbDzN6goyTBMKN9hxSnBT 241,700
. Crex to your sol JCzcVnhPyjefCsmfnEX3nTqR3e16qgxN4fyZHDAAHDsb 199,400
Arximedis 248r9HpcRbJWNLWAgxzkdvH9a3Sw29mcKsxHAqxo75fA 186,450
Tariq.stp 9f8uuHm4VFzsHnBoCUZxF2cuQJzJteX4tzAqL1sPsqXQ 153,150
eth.alex HTBKowBM1CMVS2F1EGBibiyTLoGn2hh7h6DuDPtwS37W 143,925
temptingbeef 7qwAGGZcwGKCH9wZS8RVxgngbdjQZsDJK7Y93GJsqrBL 141,050
koulos AZpn1dn3VbLdFe2JfbHe9JmUP7NX2roYyzNwKbDZqqvz 141,050
RipTyde CAP3AmvvUSTHXG7imdHf31d6kNMJ84uos8Ro4AbhKWHS 130,000
Bohemian 57wq4R1cNeAS2piyXufzhppumPaMHpkQdBkJcweebCqb 104,805
Mattwins 5gC4hXVJXZiKUNqzjt7nbra2G6AT6XseupQfTHHBF9Tu 101,550
fzzyyti 8ajdd45B5PpSnmqrk5CuUaqrBrLrqp8WrcA1aRbmyhvv 85,800
cameroni123 OPTED-OUT/NO-RESPONSE 26,400
Zhing Richard 44rSzUMYCpBoTk9jwpPPJqd5KjWepJcdficsUHNgLxgF 19,800
Butter GPXiHb4tKGX9zntTmcLipujndnN8ZB6bVSHjLHagMbyc 18,150
nanko.sol Bw3ThDvrwnXkkETcDSC3GkcFbra7qc1aeGKR6S6F2ke2 11,550

5. Create GRAPE DAO Proposal On-Chain:

To Start, GO TO → Governance.so Proposal Builder

OR → Copy/Paste Governance.so Link below:


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