1. Proposal Purpose:

Following the April 12th Tuesday DAO Call, a discussion and planning initiative began to establish a method which can help incentivize and drive Bounty Creation & Fulfillment. The concept of a Pool allocated specifically to incentivize Bounties was first proposed and expanded on previous proposals outlining a Bounty/Grant Pool. The purpose of this Proposal is to confirm the next steps to making this Pool a reality and the dynamics that will help govern it.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

GOAL: Setup a Community managed Bounty/Grant Rewards Pool that incentivizes current and future Community Members to Create, Collaborate and Complete Bounties. Bounties are a task-oriented way to enable greater autonomy in generating tasks that require clearly explaining a desired feature or challenging problem, defining an expected deliverable, producing work or effort supporting proof of that deliverable, and providing rewards for those efforts in an outcome-based way.

OVERVIEW - Please see the high level outline regarding this proposal, the incentives rewards and expected process to manage/maintain this:

  1. Bounty Creation: 20,000 $GRAPE per successful Bounty Created. (Proposal requests to allocate for 10 Bounties to start = 200,000 $GRAPE)
  2. Bounty Completion: TBD per Bounty. Reward amounts can be adjusted depending on the attention or lack of support a bounty receives. (For the purpose of this proposal, there is a Bounty that will not exceed 200,000 $GRAPE. Future Bounties may command higher caps = 200,000 $GRAPE)
  3. Bounty Pool: Funded by the $GRAPE REALMS Community Treasury sent to a DAO Board and SubDAO Leadership Controlled SQUADS multi-sig. Funding will be proposed recurringly or periodically, either prior to each Epoch OR per set of Target Bounties identified by the community.
  4. Pool Governance: Multi-sig Wallet setup in SQUADS & Controlled by DAO Board AND Sub-DAO Leaders with a proposed required voting threshold of no less than 5 members (Quorum to be updated from 3/5 currently to 5/X - which implies the only way funds can be deployed are:
    A.) Unanimous 5 DAO Board members
    B.) Majority 5 SubDAO Leader members
    C.) Mix of 5 Members from DAO Board + SubDAO Leaders
  5. Bounty Process:
    A.) GRAPE Community Members can submit a request to Create a Bounty to earn up to 20,000 GRAPE per successful submission.
    B.) Bounty Requirements will be defined in more detail, however, for the purpose of this proposal we are starting with a Bounty to request a deep-dive in DAO’s, Decentralization and the potential dynamics of Realms DAOs, DeepDAO-reported DAOs, or other DAOs in Solana and beyond.
    C.) Bounty Rewards can be given to:
    i. Creator: 20,000 $GRAPE
    ii. Collaborators: Determined by Creator and/or DAO Board $GRAPE
    iii. Completer: Determined by Creator and reviewed by DAO Board


3. Stakeholders

DAO Board (5) & SubDAO Leaders (min 1 per SubDAO)

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

Funds: 400,000 $GRAPE
Purpose: Fund Community Managed SQUADS Multi-Sig for up to 10 Bounties (20K $GRAPE per) and 1 Existing Known Bounty (Max 200,000 $GRAPE reward)
Destination: GRAPE DAO POOL: BOUNTY → Multi-Sig Wallet (SQUADS): 6cRKGePJQu671qHYNAMT3REwQotxdumXG43Gg76yu2zh


Action Reward Per Request Notes
Creation 20,000 $GRAPE 200,000 10 Bounties
Collaboration TBD $GRAPE 0 Shared at Creators Discretion
Completion TBD $GRAPE 200,000 1 Bounty (Further Bounties to Request additional funding)

Question came to mind on the Bounties, is a successful Bounty from the creators POV one that receives approval from the Bounty Board of DAO Board and Sub DAO Leaders ?
One which is succesefully completed?

A successful bounty is one that is fully completed. (ie creator & bounty hunter get paid).
I am not entirely sure what the ‘approval’ process should be. Example , a bounty that is set w an exorbitant prize amount; Should this bounty pursued & completed successfully but even though ‘overpriced’ (same for ones w low prizes). The bounty board should exercise good judgement on every bounty on this.


My thoughts now,

A successful Bounty is one that is completed
(To be decided upon conversation with the bounty master and/or DAO)
A submitted bounty is one that has been put up for claim.
(20k reward)
A bounty is one that has been created and put forth for review.
(no rewards, quality over quantity)

I am not sure what this approval process is the correct one, but I think it is fair and reasonable and that after a couple of bounties we a better understanding especially with what I hope to see is the bounty master in place.