Proposal/Template for compensation request

Given the new phase of Grape Network, where the Grape team is no longer an entity, I am very excited towards the next chapter in Grape Phase 2.0, as described in the article @Dim_Selk and I co authored, looking to address issues and propose new ideas in our incentivization mechanisms.

As a continuation of this, my request below to the DAO for a compensation model for services rendered.

It has been a pleasure and a lifetime experience to have been providing my skills for the betterment of the Grape community and DAO.
Being very proud of what we have accomplished so far and very bullish on the future of Grape are some of the many factors that motivate me to work even harder than I have been working since the early days of our lovely community.

As a Grape member, I have been involved in numerous aspects of Grape operations.

These include, moderation services, both in the Grape server but also to other servers we have partnered in the past (AgriUT, Groms). This has also led to me being one of the (three) elected leaders of the Community Management SubDAO, which includes managing the moderators & organizers.

As an organizer, I have been managing and hosting events for the Grape community, as well as cross-community events, such as the Solana wide poker & Phantasia tournaments, as well as weekly Phantasia contests, hosted for the better part of this year.

Being one of the elected leaders as mentioned above, I have been involved in managing the team of organizers (also) for the best part of this year, contributing in operational processes, handling calls, cross community calls, collaborations, drafting & up-keeping of documents recording & adjusting performance tiers & emissions for all organizers (and moderators).

As a community creator, I am responsible for the creation and management of the EventsGrape Twitter account. I am also one of the managers of the main Grape Protocol account & Grape Protocol Medium accounts. I have also administrator rights to the Grape Youtube channel, where until recently I was involved with uploading content by our community creators to our YT channel. The channel is in the great hands of our superstar @Jahris

Additionally, I have been the editor in chief for the Grape Newsletter (both second and third iteration, the latter which is currently a DAO Core role).

I have also been an integral part for managing and delivering projects around all sorts of major & minor Grape tasks, such as the Barndog video, several meme videos, plus other content production within the Grape community.

One of my focuses is the refinement & calibration of our workforce (at least in the SubDAOs I am most involved) towards a successful Service DAO model, a direction which I believe will turn out to be a significant source of revenue for our DAO.
A most recent example of this is the consultancy provided to Metacrafters project, a successful deal closed by @Dim_Selk (massive props for this :tada: ) where @Dim_Selk , myself, @legend @_Alexperts.sol have been involved in consultation services.

I am also one of the (three) elected leaders of the Content SubDAO, the largest group of our workforce. Being part of the management of the Content SubDAO, we have been overseeing the content production of the Grape community, plus the pursuit and acquisition of revenue for the Grape treasury for services rendered by the Grape workforce to other communities, entities.

As a Grape DAO member, I have been actively participating in DAO discussions and have drafted a couple of proposals myself, (including one for a revamp of the model of the Grape community).

I have also been one of the five DAO Board members, elected in its second iteration, during 01 April - 30 June.

As a DAO Board member, I have always aimed to be more action oriented and present a minimum of one or two deliverables weekly, based on the DAO needs and requirements. I would really much like to continue my work as a DAO Board member, while being particularly excited for its entirely new structure, responsibilities and operational approach.

As a team member, I have been tasked with the community management & moderation aspects of the Grape community. Participating in calls and meetings both with other team members, as well as several other communities/project representatives around Solana, regarding collaborations, communications.

I was also responsible for the organization and execution of AthensDAO HackerHouse X, having worked for our successful conference non stop for the last three months, along with @DeanMachine , @Whale_s_Friend , @Jahris @starflash and many other team members.
Along with the organization of AthensDAO, I led the event planning and execution of the Grape X Stepn running event, where the infamous bet between @Barndog & @Whale_s_Friend was settled.

I am confident that I can keep delivering my services in a top notch level in Operations and community management and for this I request a compensation of 12000 USDC & 120k $GRAPE to be distributed in a quarterly fashion and subject to renewal (requiring a new proposal) at the end of this quarter.

I propose this compensation is divided to three equal amounts, streamed monthly on a given date, via a streaming provided that Grape will choose. More precisely:

June- July- August Compensation plan:

  1. 30 June: 4000 USDC, 40k $GRAPE
  2. 31 July: 4000 USDC, 40k $GRAPE
  3. 31 August 4000 USDC, 40k $GRAPE

I suggest that this goes to an on chain vote ASAP. Takisoul is too big of an asset to our community for us to be ignoring this proposal for the past month. Regardless of whether we go the for- or non- profit route, people like Takisoul need to get compensated on a monthly basis.


This hath to be on the agenda of the next DAO call.

I think same with the @MetaVerse_Explorer’s proposal. I want to see the DAO at least discuss any of these proposals with reasons while they should pass or not, suggested changes, etc. And how they gonna perform on-chain.

Left for me I’m positive on both, or at least more positive on Metaverse Explorer’s

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In order to prevent everyone from wasting time at the Public DAO Call on Sunday to hear my thoughts, I preferred to share them here, so that we have more time to consider my points and discuss the thoughts of other members.

I am in favor of GRAPE DAO contracting the services offered by the Content Creator and Community management subdaos directly and that they, in turn, deliver all the tasks requested by GRAPE DAO and, in the end, distribute the resources internally.

That way, GRAPE DAO will depend on a subdao, a group of people, and not on a single member. This is good because if a member is not able to deliver a specific task, the subdao will reorganize itself so that another member can deliver it.

I DO greatly appreciate the @Takisoul work, but I will vote NO to any proposal that makes GRAPE DAO dependent on a single member to deliver assignments. I would prefer subdaos to pay him directly.

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After much consideration and thought, especially after @pontes ’ latest comment, I am withdrawing my proposal.

I thought it made sense a month ago but perhaps was very premature of me to jump the gun on this.

I keep working tirelessly for our beloved DAO and I am confident we will figure out rewards & compensations for contributors soon (very excited for NTT & Reputation discussion in particular).

Right now, I sense this is not the right time for this proposal. :pray: