[Proposal] Community Management subDAO Compensation - July & August

legend writing this proposal live
1. Proposal Purpose:

Purpose of the proposal is to compensate the CM subDAO for their work during the months of July and August.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

  • Fund the Community Management subDAO with USDC or/and GRAPE depending on what the DAO decides.
  • Let the subDAO self-police around work quality and fund management.
  • Pay the subDAO for the services provided by it.

3. Stakeholders:

Community Management subDAO

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

5600 USDC + 246624 GRAPE + 3 SOL
(((400 USDC + 17616 GRAPE) x 7) x 2) + 3 SOL

Calculation done by using June compensation amount to each moderator multiplying by 7 for USDC and GRAPE then multiplying by 2 meaning the amount is for July and August.

As 2 SOL to refund @legend costs for sending the compensations through Squads V2 plus using the rest as fund for future transactions.

Receiver will be a V3 Squads Vault managed by @Tariqstp1, @legend & @Takisoul.
V3 Squads Vault: E44MSZKzey1sEYhPvUk6MjgUTQNmFEEUahxmdPkBtAND

5. Activity & Services:

Below will be a screenshot of past summer of all subDAO members contributed work to the GrapeDAO Discord server plus Grape Access Network Discord server.

That being said all this was based on Discord activity during these months and judged by me. If any Moderator, DAO member or Community Member doesn’t agree with the decisions made feel free to say here in discourse or discord.

6. Suggestions:

  • Discord Events Creation - DAO Core → CM subDAO service/task.
  • Event Recordings (DAO Calls, Bounty Calls, Workshops, etc…) - DAO Core → CM subDAO service/task.
  • Discord Attendance for Events (DAO Calls, Bounty Calls, Workshops, etc…) - DAO Core → CM subDAO service/task.
  • Welcoming Call - DAO Core → CM subDAO service/task.
  • etc…

Why are there question marks for Favour and Ninja in August? Is it assured that they are fine with this proposal and we won’t run into a Feb/March situation again?

I forgot to include labels but below I will explain their meanings:

  • :white_check_mark: - Work/ Task can be found.
  • :x: - Work/ Task was not found.
  • :grey_question: - Work/ Task cannot be found or is insufficient.

This proposal is done by a subDAO CM member (me) regarding compensation for past 2 months (July & August) and doesn’t have relation to Feb/ March situation, and honestly in my POV I though Feb/March situation was over long ago and recently we talked about DAO Core emissions in the recent DAO Call which also doesn’t relate to this compensation.

Nonetheless, this proposal is strictly for July and August compensation for the subDAO.

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Just wanted to make sure there are no open questions here that might haunt us later :heart:

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Sure no worries, matter of fact these questions better pop up as soon as possible so solutions can be given if needed.

Also as a part of the subDAO i’m free to answer any question that the DAO needs answered and if there any suggestions to improve or feedback to receive all highly welcome.

Just two quick questions, so that I can vote properly:

  1. What does “USDC or/and GRAPE” mean? I only see “USDC and GRAPE” proposals on-chain. Where is the “or” option in this for the community (as suggested)?

  2. Just to clarify: Looking at the legend provided, not every member did the same amount of work (referring to ":grey_question: "), yet we multiply by 7, which assumes everyone gets the same. Does this mean it is inconsequential? Are there certain thresholds so that a member doesn’t need to work in all areas to be eligible for the full amount?

EDIT: Ok, third question:

Where is the difference? :sweat_smile:

As for last June completed proposal USDC and GRAPE was rewarded to the subDAO and as for these 2 months the same can be rewarded thats why the ‘and’ and if not approved by the community then we can ask to be rewarded only in USDC or GRAPE thats why the ‘or’.

It’s very hard for every subDAO member to do all the same work that’s why from June the subDAO has been downsized quite substantially so every subDAO member does equal work for their own timezone to provide Grape with 24h service over the tasks the subDAO takes apon including also the GAN setups/help/support.

Also through self-policing if the subDAO member doesn’t meet satisfactory work the member is not eligible for ‘x’ amount.

Both are similar meaning :x: would represent there is no traces of work done for that specific subject and :grey_question: meaning there is work found but cannot be certain since could represent activity outside Discord.

In the subject of Grape Access Support/Setups there could be more activity outside from the Grape channels as for example DM’s with representatives from other Communities/Projects.

:grey_question: is also bound to be changed to :x: or :white_check_mark: to confirm if the activity has meet the requirements.

NOTE: That being said I’m the one doing the activity monitoring and I try to not be biased to any subDAO member and try to improve methods to categorize the work being done. Keep in mind is also hard to categorize text based activity as everybody knows if we set number, everybody will strive for it that becoming more a spammy situation and less quality provided through all situations. There is also a subDAO guideline that every subDAO member follows. (needs to be updated altough, task considered for September) Grape Moderation Guidelines - Google Docs

If any of my answers is wrong in any way feel free to comment about until we reach a plausible solution.


Thx for the clarification :handshake:

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