[Discussion] [Governance] GRAPE DAO: Collaboration & NDA

Hi Folks,

A lot of us have been talking about our vision for GRAPE and how to get there. We have made a lot of progress and I really love listening to all of you.
It seems like quite a few members of the DAO collectively believe that GRAPE Tooling around DAOs is recognizable vision that we can be leading towards. If I have been reading the room correctly it seems like this can be achieved with a combination of

  1. Partnering with other teams that are building tools around DAO’s in Solana
  2. Creating proprietary workflows using practical experience at this DAO
  3. Apply GRAPE tolling in specific workflows that our SubDAOs engage to amplify adoption and build in regenerative feedback.

Some of you might be way ahead of the curve on this that me and some might be wondering how all of this ends in products and services. The objective of this discussion thread is to

  1. Call out our expectations and visions we would want to share with the partners we will be willing to collaborate it.
  2. Discuss how we will build our tools without revealing to the world our internal roadmap. NDAs seem like the tried and tested formulae but are there other ways?

I will keep this post just to the above in order to capture just the essence and not muddy it with solutions. This discussion is an invitation for everyone on grape to contribute. Feel free to ask questions and drop your suggestions based on our varied experiences.

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What I imagine as a massive value adds for Grape is offering different tools under one umbrella. Add in convenience via great UX and services for setup and configuration and you have a package that we can offer.

So it may make sense to explore what workflows we can offer customers and then add details. Here I see the following:

  1. Setup DAO Standard Package: Maximum convenience and speed for a DAO without specific requirements. In the best case completely automated.
  2. Setup DAO Custom Package: Customers fill out a form and then set up a meeting with a Grape DAO Member to work out how they would like their DAO to be customized. Maximizes customization and uniqueness.

This would include the whole package of Grape Tooling and other tools that Grape DAO has tested and accepted. So each DAO we set up with the Standard Package could e.g. have its own Realms Treasury, Squads for council, Discourse for Discussion, Grape Access gated Discord Server with 3 different roles. And if it’s a NFT based DAO also its own instance of grape.art marketplace.

Further idea to explore: launch a DAO with a NFT sale on their own instance of grape.art


Excellent ideas here.
Regarding grape.art, naturally any community can fork and use grape.art as they wish but what we can do is help them setup the Auction House, setup the fees (we need to have a base value for the fees i.e. currently grape.art is at 1% but communities like The Sanctuary asked for a revenue share which was set to 50% for Reloaded) and verify their collection (I tweeted about it as a teaser the other day), so those will be shown on grape.art and any respective forks using our marketplace primitive. A lot to explore but this is in a great direction.


@riderinred @kirk thanks for your thoughts. They are specific and I love them. However, as a part of this, I was hoping to highlight and discuss some broader objectives/missions which we can align on/fall back to when we are either representing GRAPE or are at a conflict point with achieving an objective.

Some thoughts on 1. Vision

Product Goals

GRAPEs goals must always be to achieve the ability to open source its products with high quality base features.
In partnering with systems and protocols, GRAPE will always prefer and champion products/toolsets that have a roadmap with open source as an objective on their roadmap.

Some thoughts on 2. Collaboration

When working on collaborating with other projects where confidentiality is needed, members should strive to work in the best interest of Grape buy
a) conforming to an NDAs our partners need us to abide by
b) working with a Dao Core to agree upon a NDA that needs to be agreed to by the partner.

Let me know if this makes sense.


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