Overview on the ROADMAP

A lot has been achieved since our launch few months ago(Grape access, our membership looking healthy, Grape Dex), and it feels great having everyone onboard.

With the Dex launch comes to the end of the old ROADMAP, what are the new plans from here? This is a question we the @DAO should give answers to.


Personally I would really like to start having conversations on DAO tooling that we use and could potentially build.

Still developing what ‘works’ for GRAPE as we go. But hopefully we can find a decentralized path that is more appealing when it comes to discussion, emissions, project management and accountability.


I remember asking for the roadmap for 2022 on the last DAO call last year. I haven’t gotten any response till now.

I suggest we talk about this on our next DAO call.


could we create an apprenticeship model for the DAO. so we can reward active members with Grape?
instead of just looking at volume of posts and comments, we instead look at the quality of interactions and posts? Hope I’m suggesting something new.

Also, could we find a way to airdrop Grape NFTs to active members on Realms. Then allow people to trade the nft on ME.

Then 5% of the royalties go to the NFT holders when every sale is made

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The roadmap is best displayed in our grants program

On March 1st, we had a great conversation about more ideas to add. Whenever there is a consensus on a new feature, we will then price it out and create a grant for it.

If there are any requests/ideas I have missed, just ping me and share the Discourse discussion link

@cavicon1 any ideas you’d like to share that should be on the community roadmap?


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