GRAPE Bounty Board on our Dashboard

Dropping here for help and comments from the legends here at GRAPE

Type: Dashboard
Title: GRAPE Bounty BOARD
Funding: Pre-Funded
Max Reward (Create): TBD
Max Reward (Complete): TBD
Date Created: 05.08.2022
Date Complete: TBD
Restrictions: None
Language: English


The bounty board would be located on GRAPEs dashboard. This contains all current/past bounties viewable by creators and completers.

A designated area for people to
-post a bounty
-accept a bounty
-cancel a bounty
-review past bounties
-track a bounty
-understand verification and payment of bounty

If you clearly answer the above questions in your bounty submission, it will likely do well.


GRAPE is a Decentralized Social Network that brought the first open-source verification service, the first decentralized NFT DeX, and provides a suite of DAO tools and products to the Solana ecosystem.

GRAPE has deposited 100% of the funds for Creation & Completion in advance. This bounty campaign is fully pre-funded.


  • Simple design
  • searchable function
  • Filter status ( open, in-progress, reviewed, completed)
  • Filter bounty by value, creation, and reward
  • Look to integrate a squads multi sig to accept/reject payments to be sent out.

Areas to explore to help visual what is needed

Who can use GRAPE Bounty?
How do I know how much I’ll recieve from using GRAPE Bounty?
How long does it take to recieve my prize?
Where can I post content for my GRAPE Bounty?
Who owns the rights to the content I create for the GRAPE Bounty?
What should I do if I run into an issue when posting?

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I would take this a step further w wallet integration , even realms/multisig connection in the back end;

The goal is for the bounty section to be able to be used both by Grapers and outsiders (paying a Grape fee and/or (part of) the bounty reward they post in $GRAPE.

There is noticeable abscence of a website like this on Solana and if we get first mover advantage this may prove to be huge.

For example, layer3 is not ready (yet; they are looking to integrate) for Solana, meaning they are not native at all.
Superteam mostly relies on Layer3 and their basic website, having no dapp integration at all

I am happy that @DyNite took my idea and drafted it here in a more tangible way. We need to refine this and hopefully officially post this bounty. :heart:

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I am kind of confused now. Is the idea here to utilize a Dashboard to improve the GRAPE Bounty flow or is the idea to develop a product that we can offer to the market?

What I have in mind is leaning more towards the latter. If the initial post here was aiming to improve the flow, then apologies for going off topic. But I believe there is a good idea here.

Ayyy, I had this idea wayyy before you brought it up homie :slight_smile:
Never posted b/c I knew it needed to be refined, but posted it now so that we can do it together :love_you_gesture:

Didn’t think about wallet integration though :slight_smile:
Will look to update it later after some more comments

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I agree that the DAO should spec this out, and the deliverable is:

  1. Open Source
  2. Not a repurposed repo
  3. Is self hosted / and independent of any existing Grape Dashboard, repos or apis
  4. Can follow coding practices used by the Grape Github
  5. This should be integrated with Squads for the approval process, proposals & payments which are on chain