GRAPE Bounty Board on our Dashboard

Dropping here for help and comments from the legends here at GRAPE

Type: Dashboard
Title: GRAPE Bounty BOARD
Funding: Pre-Funded
Max Reward (Create): TBD
Max Reward (Complete): TBD
Date Created: 05.08.2022
Date Complete: TBD
Restrictions: None
Language: English


The bounty board would be located on GRAPEs dashboard. This contains all current/past bounties viewable by creators and completers.

A designated area for people to
-post a bounty
-accept a bounty
-cancel a bounty
-review past bounties
-track a bounty
-understand verification and payment of bounty

If you clearly answer the above questions in your bounty submission, it will likely do well.


GRAPE is a Decentralized Social Network that brought the first open-source verification service, the first decentralized NFT DeX, and provides a suite of DAO tools and products to the Solana ecosystem.

GRAPE has deposited 100% of the funds for Creation & Completion in advance. This bounty campaign is fully pre-funded.


  • Simple design
  • searchable function
  • Filter status ( open, in-progress, reviewed, completed)
  • Filter bounty by value, creation, and reward
  • Look to integrate a squads multi sig to accept/reject payments to be sent out.

Areas to explore to help visual what is needed

Who can use GRAPE Bounty?
How do I know how much I’ll recieve from using GRAPE Bounty?
How long does it take to recieve my prize?
Where can I post content for my GRAPE Bounty?
Who owns the rights to the content I create for the GRAPE Bounty?
What should I do if I run into an issue when posting?

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I would take this a step further w wallet integration , even realms/multisig connection in the back end;

The goal is for the bounty section to be able to be used both by Grapers and outsiders (paying a Grape fee and/or (part of) the bounty reward they post in $GRAPE.

There is noticeable abscence of a website like this on Solana and if we get first mover advantage this may prove to be huge.

For example, layer3 is not ready (yet; they are looking to integrate) for Solana, meaning they are not native at all.
Superteam mostly relies on Layer3 and their basic website, having no dapp integration at all

I am happy that @DyNite took my idea and drafted it here in a more tangible way. We need to refine this and hopefully officially post this bounty. :heart:

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I am kind of confused now. Is the idea here to utilize a Dashboard to improve the GRAPE Bounty flow or is the idea to develop a product that we can offer to the market?

What I have in mind is leaning more towards the latter. If the initial post here was aiming to improve the flow, then apologies for going off topic. But I believe there is a good idea here.

Ayyy, I had this idea wayyy before you brought it up homie :slight_smile:
Never posted b/c I knew it needed to be refined, but posted it now so that we can do it together :love_you_gesture:

Didn’t think about wallet integration though :slight_smile:
Will look to update it later after some more comments

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