DAO Role/Job Board on the GRAPE Dashboard

Type: Developer DAO
Title: DAO Role/Job Board on the GRAPE Dashboard
Funding: Pre-Funded
Max Reward (Create): 20000 $GRAPE
Max Reward (Complete): 30000 $GRAPE
Date Created: 04/30/22
Date Complete: 05/30/22
Restrictions: None
Language: English (Default)

The overall goal is to make the GRAPE Dashboard into the front page of the GRAPE DAO. Like reddit was the front page of the internet. As a first step we can show an overview of the open Roles at our DAO on the GRAPE Dashboard so 1) people can get involved more easily and 2) it is more transparent what roles are still open.

(I have no experience with frontend design so I am just writing out what I want to be accomplished and how I think it can be done, any ideas/better ways to accomplish this bounty are welcome)
Currently for DAO Core the information on DAO Core Roles is in a Google Sheets document managed by the DAO Board. The first step is to add a Widget to the Dashboard that can display the information from the Google Sheets. Then for each open Role we need to add who is the responsible person so interested people know who to talk to.
This widget should be expandable to encompass every subDAO and any future initiatives of the GRAPE DAO, please enable your solution to accommodate this.

A widget that shows the open DAO Core Roles on GRAPE Dashboard. Widget should be able to easily be expanded for subDAOs and other initiatives.

Submission Instructions:

contribution to Grape GitHub repo Grape Labs · GitHub in specific GitHub - Grape-Labs/grape-dashboard: Grape Dashboard

Acceptance Criteria:
Quality is based on & Exceptional quality generally means:
Compilable/Runnable Code which will not break any existing dependencies and integrations


Link to a Google Sheet with the format of current DAO Core Roles Copy of DAO Core - Google Sheets