DAO: Write an article explaining why Grape DAO should have or should not have a DAO Board

Type: DAO
Title: Write an article explaining why Grape DAO should have or should not have a DAO Board
Funding: Pre-Funded
Max Reward (Create): 10,000 $GRAPE
Max Reward (Complete): 80,000 $GRAPE (#1: 50k, #2: 20k, #3: 10k)
Date Created: June 21, 2022
Date Complete: July 02, 2022
Language: English

Submission Instructions:

  1. Create a well formatted/written article on a social platform (e.i medium) explaining why Grape DAO should have or should not have a DAO Board.
  2. Replay this bounty with the link to the submission.
  3. After the deadline, a poll will be created, numbering the submissions to be voted on by the DAO members.
  4. The one with the most votes wins the reward. If we have a tie, we will split the reward among the winners.


Every Sunday, Grape has the Public DAO Call where a number of topics are jointly discussed by the DAO Board and general listeners.

In the Public Call of June 19, 2022, a topic was raised about the next election of members for the DAO Board that should take place this month for the next chair to take over in July. However, a question has arisen as to whether or not we should actually have a DAO Board.

Fearing that this topic will be discussed several weeks in a row and, still, no conclusion will be reached, this bounty was created to avoid wasting everyone’s time and find a solution that most will agree on.

This bounty is intended to encourage members to share their own opinions on whether or not we should have a DAO Board and, from a poll, choose the submission that represents the will of the majority.

Suggested Guidance Questions

  1. What is the DAO Board?
  2. What is its function/importance?
  3. Should Grape Dao have one?
  4. If yes, how should the DAO Board be formed? How much should each member receive?

If you clearly answer the above questions in your bounty article, it will likely do well.


It is expected a well formatted/written article explaining if Grape should have or should not have a DAO Board.

Acceptance Criteria:

Once submitted you agree to give over all intellectual and publishing rights of the document to GRAPE.

  • I vote YES for this bounty to be accepted
  • I vote NO for this bounty to be accepted

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DISCLAIMER: Please hit us up on Discord and we can set up a quick briefing for the specific Bounty you want to work on. That way we can both be sure what is agreed upon and what a complete submission is.

Incomplete submissions and submissions that are not completely satisfying do not obligate the DAO to pay any rewards. All rewards for such Bounties are paid at the sole discretion of the Bounty Board and the DAO.

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I will redo this bounty to insert a poll so the dao members can also vote on what they think should be the Max Reward (Complete).

Here is the link:

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