New utility proposal for the grape bot

Here is the first proposal I would be making on this platform and I hope for a lot of reactions :joy:

Okay in my days of getting wl in different servers, I always try my best to make sure grape is being used in these servers after mint and the response I usually get is “grape is outdated” and it always hurts me knowing the type of efforts were putting in beautifying our nft Dex and grape bot tool(s). I always try to explain our utilities to the owners of these projects and I always get waved off eventually. It forced me to think of ways we could bring back attraction to our beloved protocol and what I could come up with is with the WL season still at an ath, why don’t we create a service inside our bot that allows people with an X amount required to Mint the nft access to submit their wallet? Something like premint but in the Solana side? This way, the owners could have this level of calmness knowing that a lot of people would be forced to Mint their nfts once their WL or they forfeit their roles and it’d be given to someone else who deserves it. This time around, we could charge more than 10k grape or three $gan tokens for this service to win back the heart of the Solana devs once more. Let me know what you think about this idea of mine below


Thank you for sharing your experience. What I am reading on CT reflects what you experienced, the established opinion seems to be “Grape is outdated legacy verification”.
I don’t know why people think this and am not going to speculate here. At the same time it is logically simply needed to accept this and now start to turn public opinion in our favor once again.

Like the idea, especially paying in $GAN. Just so that I understand the idea better, the users have to pay for the WL spot and with that payment they automatically mint a NFT once the mint is live? So it would be like a reservation and commitment in one step. Did I get that right?

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No they won’t pay for the wl spot. Actually, our bot would work in a way that their entry is recognized once it reads the person’s wallet and finds out that he or she has the required amount of sol needed to Mint

Ok. How can the owners then have this level of calmness knowing that a lot of people will be forced to mint their NFTs? What is forcing them to mint?

The way I understand it we only force them to hold the required amount of SOL in the same Wallet with which they are on the WL.

Yes. They’re a whole lot of people who collects the wl from servers and don’t intend minting. This service we would offer would ensure that before you submit your address, that amount of sol must be present in your wallet otherwise, you’d have to forfeit your spot and give to someone else. This sort of initiative haven’t been seen in Solana yet. It’d be nice if we could be the first dao to present this as a utility

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But alot of people like to submit their burner wallet, and it’s a hassle transferring Sol to it just to show proof. And they can easily transfer out after getting the whitelist.
Except if the bot constantly monitors the wallet and removes roles when the required SOL is missing.
Also, I don’t see how this service picks traction considering there are other competitors people consider better that don’t have these strict terms. It’ll be an L on the side of projects who go this route as they might struggle building up whitelist hype/community

Yes. That’s why I was thinking it’s like a commitment to mint. Then they cannot withdraw before the mint and will automatically take part. So isn’t it like a win-win? Users automatically participate without having to take further action after getting WL - this way I can see it as something people want and would like to use.

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This is personally opinion but Grape Bot is not Outdated, what makes people say it is the illusion people get from comparing UI/UX and the proccess of verifying from different projects to the current Grape.

Cause Grape Bot itself gives a lot of features that is up to the Community/ Project Owner/ DAO to utilize them and not to use the verification tool as a marketing move.

Also for the new utility proposal you are saying I don’t think it’s necessary since it’s up to holder of the $GAN token on how is gonna use the bot, for example you could do whitelisting just by saying people to verify their wallets simple as that.

So to just put below all the features Grape Access Bot gives is also up to the $GAN holders to freely give feedback on how to improve and sway the direction on where the roadmap of the Grape Access Bot goes.