Addition of an nft launchpad to the grape dashboard

I don’t know how possible this is, we know how NFT projects have problem with bot attacks during launch/mint day, we know how real human miss out on purchasing an NFT on launch due to bots, with Grape access, and dashboard people who wish to mint could verify their wallets and partake in this mint, I don’t know if this could be possible in anyway by the Developer team, but I would love to see this feature on the grape dashboard, and would be a new thing in the solana ecosystem.


This could also provide more utility to $Grape token… where by one can also Lock $Grape to be able to participate on the Mint.


Love this idea. Lets work on speccing it out a bit more together

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Same here. Great job T! I love this idea as well.

If there could be a way to tie in a “auto” or “semi-auto” white-list element for the NFT projects that people want to participate in then this it would be be so amazing. I would imagine there would be limited spots for each launch so managing that element – by class perhaps – may be necessary. I suppose it could easily function like how the gaming stuff is being done already.

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Great idea. There are probably some real considerations to factor in, like rate limits and errors, among other things.

There are a few approaches and implementations that can be explored, some of which we may have already dabbled in on the tooling side, but this is would need to be a custom extension that would only improve user experience & protect projects. Several projects have approached this differently, but it seems none are entirely foolproof.

The question remains what can be gated and where (i.e. Discord, Website or App) - and - would it be GRAPE alone, or a combination/partnership with another service.

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Yeah, sounds awesome. Giving new artists and projects the chance to
collaborate with grape right off the gate is great. Also gives better chance of getting whitelist spot. haha


I don’t work on the development side @BillysDiscord @kirk @sultanpeyek.eth , but this would be a killer, and would also reduce NFT rugs in the ecosystem to some extent as only validated project will be able to use our launchpad, the community creators @Barndog @MetaVerse_Explorer and the NFT council @Alexperts.sol, bloodbath and rust and moth will also play a huge role on projects which are valid to use our launchpad.


IMO the model to be considered here would be to take the metaplex contracts like candy machine and fair launch protocol then wrap a service around them. The dev work would still be significant but it would largely remove the smart contract dev load and some of the risk.


With the magic eden drama happening currently, i would say now is the best time for us to revisit this conversation. I can’t help but feel like our online dashboard would be the best fit to host an nft launchpad


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