Increase Grape mentions & UGC on Twitter

Type: Community/Content Creation
Title: [Increase Grape mentions & UGC on Twitter]
Funding: Pre-Funded
Max Reward (Create): 5000 $GRAPE
Max Reward (Complete): 100000 $GRAPE
Date Created: 27 Sep, 2022
Date Complete: 31 Oct, 2022
Restrictions: (Excluded Country/Topics/Projects/References)
Language: English (Default)

Submission Instructions:

Submit your tweet link in the comments here and/or bounty HQ channel on disord


There is a need to increase Grape activity and most above mentions by users on Twitter. There is no better way than to drive User Generated Content for Grape on Twitter, which whether we like it or not is the main area for crypto native people.
With this bounty, we want to incentivize users, members, potential members to create content for Grape & increase awareness to old & newer Web3 people.

Top 5 winners will split the prize of 100k $GRAPE for posting quality (NOT quantity) tweets and/or threads about Grape and its ecosystem, DAO, usecases etc.


-Engagement: max 20 points
-Quality: max 65 points
-Being a Grape member: 15 points
-Open to suggestions for any third criteria


  1. Submissions will be evaluated by Content SubDAO
    2)Content SubDAO will then create a discourse post for the finalists where the Grape community can vote on the winners.

*It is also possible to create a new DAO Core role for this (as @Jahris suggested & can elaborate).

PLUS: For anyone needing to create original content for their tweets, Grape Content SubDAO will be happy to provide visuals for the price of just 1 $GCT (approx 1800 $GRAPE)

Suggested Guidance Questions

  1. MUST @ + Grapeprotocol official Twitter account
  2. Needs to be original content (no RTs etc)
  3. NO Bots, botted posts for likes etc.
  4. NO copy pasta
  5. NO low effort
  6. Bonus if you manage to fit in your copy/tweet/thread relevant Grape ecosystem Twitter accounts, such as Grape Gaming, Dean’s List and more.


GRAPE is a Decentralized Social Network that brought the first open-source verification service, the first decentralized NFT DeX, and provides a suite of DAO tools and products to the Solana ecosystem.

GRAPE has deposited 100% of the funds for Creation & Completion in advance. This bounty campaign is fully pre-funded.


What’s expected?
This contest is meant to kickstart awareness for everything that Grape does , while at the same time provide a FUN event to accumulate some $GRAPE , but most importantly learn about Grape via CT.

Acceptance Criteria:

Quality is based on & Exceptional quality generally means:
See guidance questions above.

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Results of discussion today:


-Engagement: Sum of impressions of qualified tweets
-In case of a blatant scam attempt or other malignant behavior the DAO reserves the right to exclude individuals from this contest at its sole discretion.

Please clarify, what the submission process will be. How can applicants submit their screenshots, Discord, Twitter else?

Ok re thought the whole process:

To participate:

  1. Hold min 1 $Grape (in order to see the discord channel I will be creating or the contest)
  2. Post your submissions in the above channel & at the end of the month edit your post and add a screenshot of the analytics (or straight up do both towards the end of the month). Submissions will be judged by quality & impressions on analytics)
  3. MUST @ + grape protocol (don’t do it in the beginning of your tweet, because it will NOT appear on Twitter timeline)
  4. NO botted tweets.
  5. NO plagiarism