Gamefied Leaderboard w milestones & rewards

I take the opportunity to post this inspired from what @_Alexperts.sol posted in the server.

Would be interesting to gamefy the Grape experience for members, by creating a leaderboard via milestones acquired via activity within the community.

The inspiration for this comes from Famous Foxes:

I don’t know how we approach this technically, but I believe it would be very fun if we introduce this aspect in our community, especially if we approach this as an additional means of educating our members on aspects of the Grape community, DAO & ecosystem.

We can also utilize the Mee6 leaderboard for this as well:

We should also offer rewards in $GRAPE for top leaders per season-epoch (whatever we decide) plus ,later down the road an NTT on for the winners!

Making this post as a conversation starter :pray:


I like the idea, It’s not too disimilar to the Alpha Bot idea that’s been thrown around but never acted on

This was a bit more geared toward members providing insight but could apply it more broadly


I am 100% behind this idea.


I also like this idea

I think the immediate focus should be on doing this for twitter like the foxes have. If we can replicate that, we have something to build off of

Anything else I think would be science fiction talk until we get that 1 simple thing finished. If we are agreed, the next step would be a bounty to make a page specifically for twitter interaction milestones and rewards

Another option, would be to focus on a decentralized twitter sending (ie tweetdao) and we could reward people who used that system the most.

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Based recent stuff probably best see if we can get something going with sparkwave seen as that’s their main shitck, don’t know if/ what they charge for there service.

Very much AGAINST using Sparkwave

1-It doesnt help us build our product which should be the goal here
2-Its a service that is like GLEAM; im against promoting spammers to interact with our tweets
3-I have heard very poor reviews from the people that have used it in the past


Lovely idea, how do we go about this? Would love to see the community hyper active again.


How can we start doing this for twitter?
Not sure on the technicals but if for starters we can combine mee6 leaderboard and twitter activity (how?) it is a very good step.

Who can help us on this?

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Just discovered (after seeing a tweet from MonkeDAO mentioning them).

Perhaps this is a good solution for us here?

Would love to see a demo of theirs.


def. should explore this!

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