DAO Reputation Formula

Type: Article/Post
Title: DAO Reputation Formula
Funding: Pre-Funded
Max Reward (Create): 5000 $GRAPE
Max Reward (Complete): 100000 $GRAPE
Date Created: 8/30/2022
Date Complete: 9/15/2022
Restrictions: None
Language: English (Default)

Submission Instructions:

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You can work on this in teams
If there are multiple qualifying submissions, The best submission will receive 75000 GRAPE and 2nd best will receive 25000.


After the many discussions on Reputation, we are new ready to start creating our first iteration of the Grape reputation score. Variables such as proposals, voting, mee6, discourse, DAO attendance, emissions received (and sold), time in community, and more have been discussed and rated for how they would impact such a score

This bounty is for someone to create a scoring system


A formula that weighs different variables of community involvment and contirbution. The final submission will need to show how existing members would be scored under this system and must use data that can be measured.

If the scoring system you submit has metrics that cannot be calculated, the submission is not accepted

The final submission will have:
-List of existing Grape members and their score
-The weight for each variable and a brief description of 1) why does this variable matter, 2)why this weighting on reputation 3)How you pulled the data for your scoring of this variable 4)A proposed impact on voting for the different reputation scores


Bounty accepted.

Content: as described. Deadline is 9/15/2022.

More than 3 submissions: 1st place 50k GRAPE, 2nd place 20k GRAPE, 3rd place 10k GRAPE, the remaining 20k GRAPE is spread equally among accepted submissions.
3 or less submissions: prizes are increased while the ratio between 1st, 2nd, 3rd place stays the same.

Bounty Feedback Poll:
If 10 DAO Members vote no, then the Bounty will be placed on hold and discussed on Discourse to involve the DAO in how it can be improved.

  • YES, this Bounty is valuable
  • NO, this Bounty is not valuable

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DISCLAIMER: Do not hesitate to hit us up on Discord and we can set up a quick briefing for the specific Bounty you want to work on. That way we can both be sure what is agreed upon and what a complete submission is.

Incomplete submissions and submissions that are not completely satisfying do not obligate the DAO to pay any rewards. All rewards for such Bounties are paid at the sole discretion of the Bounty Board and the DAO.

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Maybe found what we are looking for and it can be simplified so we can use it in Grape community.

I understood the theory behind it and it makes sense. When I take a good rest from the looong journey i had i will try to simplify it or explain it in theory.

This paper also includes the formulas and weighs required in order to assign trust and reputation rankings within a community , taking also into account the hierarchical importance of rating a community’s resources (Grape treasury assets) in relation to users’ trust and reputation scores giving the flexibility to manage resources in a more personalised manner relating to users’ trust ratings.


give it a read.


Bounty completed with 3 accepted submissions.

Potrok: first 0, second 2 (Taki, rider), third 4 (Pawz, MLG, Arximedis, DyNite)
Deans: first 2 (Taki, MLG), second 3 (Pawz, Arximedis, DyNite), third 1 (rider)
ScientistJoe: first 4 (Pawz, Arximedis, DyNite, rider), second 1 (MLG), third 1 (Taki)

Potroks points: 0*3 + 2* 2 +4*1 = 8
Deans points: 2*3 + 3*2 + 1*1 = 13
ScientistJoe points: 4*3 + 2* 2 + 1*1 = 17

Completion Rewards:
ScientistJoe 62500 $GRAPE
Dean 25000 $GRAPE
Potrok 12500 $GRAPE

Creation Reward:
Dean 5000 $GRAPE

Please provide wallet addresses here for transparency @DeanMachine @potrok @scientistjoe



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