[Discussion] Big Grape Reward for Barndog

Why so much love for Barndog? You know… the guy that has championed our Stable syndicate, our Solana gaming channel, spearheading our charity program with DFA, hosting SGS with the Aussie crew, and countless other AMAs and contributions!

Allocating more voting power to Barndog is aligned with my personal vision for GRAPE ; we need to become amazing at identifying contributors and awarding them with more voting power.

Meritocracy means we need to celebrate our contributors

My proposal is to reward Barndog 250,000 Grape during this next epoch

It is my hope that we would do this more often and continuously identify where we want to allocate more governance power for exemplary Grapeness. I can already think of another 10 people that dedicate similar time, effort and talent.

I will start a vote after 3 days of discussion here in Discourse (the current minimum time for a proposal to become a vote according to the DAO rules)

Honored to be part of a community with so many talented and passionate individuals!


Identifying and rewarding individuals for going above and beyond for the community & the ecosystem through their vision and action is a core value in Grape and something that I personally find admirable.
I would be most happy to vote for this proposal.


Barndog has been a one-man army and an asset with his relentless energy. I’m glad the amount Dean proposed is a decent sum and not just a token amount. This sets a precedent for other members of the community to step up. Also I hope the community keeps an open mind and looks at it as a performance based bonus that any decent organization will offer to retain key talent.


Barndog more than earns it. Get’s my vote.


I fully agree with this, he has done a awesome job in bringing projects to the community and helping it grow.


Barndog also earn my votes, my man is going further and beyond!


Absolutely, great idea

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+1 big time. Hard to think of a more deserving individual.

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Agree. He made a Enormous contribution to the community.


Indeed…if he is gone, then who will thank our mothers for the rabbits?


Agreed … He is a real Champ within Grape


I mean how could I not be humbled, I do feel that’s a shitload of Grape though, like I genuinely love what I do, and obviously things are just starting to really fire up this year - there are so many people in Grape that deserve things like this.

Obviously being able to go full time into the space of Solana Gaming and that is pretty fkign amazing in itself, I don’t plan on stopping, and really it’s awesome to see so many games that have reacted well to my own style of analysis and support us at Grape.

I do have alot of things we can do though going forward and ofc how can you not be excited - I had proposed that this week we actually pay a Gaming Council for the study, research and help they have given me directly - there are several people like CoffeeAttack, RipTyde, SgtSavage4, Sixin that are all getting balls deep in here as well.


The contribution of Barndog is top notch


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