[VOTE] GRAPExceptional Member Reward Emission: Barndog


1. Proposal Purpose:

Vote to allocate a special Emissions Reward proposed in Feb Epoch to an exceptional member of the GRAPE Community for their unparalleled efforts and contributions. The term “GRAPExceptional” is used to describe an individual that executes beyond the limit of their role to develop new opportunities or avenues that propel GRAPE in a strategically value generating direction, and/or, are receiving a level of emissions that may be inadequate within the limits of their SubDAO/Skill Roles to cover for exceptional merit of their work.

REFERENCE OF INITIAL DISCUSSION: [Discussion] Big Grape Reward for Barndog - Received positive feedback from a number DAO members within little/no opposition, which has led to this VOTE.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

Reward a special $GRAPE Emission Reward to exceptional GRAPE community member for their consistent value creation for GRAPE - to be added to the emissions schedule.

Notable Contributions:

  1. Content creation via AMA’s with Gaming Projects building on Solana & beyond
  2. Establishing/growing/leading the GRAPE Gaming Council (i.e. Grape Syndicate for Stylish Studs & other concepts)
  3. Contributions to GRAPE services capabilities within the Metaverse/Web3 Gaming space
  4. GRAPE charitable initiatives
  5. Ideation and execution that opened a range of opportunities for GRAPE that would otherwise remain intangible.

3. Stakeholders

GRAPExceptional Member: @Barndog

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

GRAPExceptional Reward (Proposed): 250,000 $GRAPE

Approve Special $GRAPExceptional Member Emission Reward
  • :white_check_mark: Accept - Agree with 250,000 $GRAPE to Member
  • :white_check_mark: Accept - Agree with Reward BUT Prefer Different Amount
  • :x: Reject - Disagree with Proposal

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One my first interactions with the Grape Events was Barndog holding his meeting while running, I had an actual belly laugh. 100% worth it just for that. Such a neat guy from what little I’ve seen <3


I rejected the proposal. Here is why:
Even if this might be seen as a rude or an ungrateful move, know that I love what you’re doing, Barndog! For the community in general and for Grape specifically; I’m a Barndog fan! :two_hearts:

The reason I’m rejecting the proposal (and didn’t opt for a different amount either) is simple: I’m rejecting the way this is done and I’m a bit concerned about the road we’re stepping on if this proposal succeeds.

Barndog himself put it perfectly:

And that’s the issue. Why was Barndog chosen and not someone else? Why even vote when nobody can argue that if someone is highlighted by @DeanMachine wouldn’t instantly get approval by the rest of the community? If we do it like this, we’ll end up with a bunch of people feeling disregarded and in the end, nobody wins.

@Barndog, you also mentioned in a DAO Call that we should distribute it differently and gracefully declined the “shitload of $Grape” (if my memory serves :sweat_smile: ) and I hope that you maybe can spare a few words here.

I feel that we should find a better way to acknowledge outstanding work, be it Content, Devs, or Researchers…
Individual proposals for special emissions to certain members are not the way in my option. Maybe it’s something we should run through the subDAOs and provide a pool for them to use at their discretion, but not as a proposal from one person.


this kind of statement tries to silence me – and i put alot of effort in not talking at all for this kind of reason

the only reason im the one that put the proposal forward is because im the one who puts the most proposals forward!

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It’s not intended to silence you or anyone, why would I. I’m trying to point out the issue of a proposal that revolves around one member personally receiving funds due to a suggestion by another. That’s why I meant that this could possibly come from the subDAOs.